Wednesday, June 20, 2012

9 Ways Fat People Use the Web to Lose Weight

The internet is a rich source of all sorts of information and material. Whether as a research tool, e-commerce venue or entertainment medium, we use the web for just about every aspect of our daily lives. We realize that web surfing may not exactly fit the average person’s image of an active lifestyle, but hold on before you pass judgment. It turns out that there are a lot of ways that web surfing can be used for just that. Here are 9 ways that fat people use the web to lose weight:

  1. As we mentioned, the web is rapidly becoming the most prominent venue for commerce, as it’s often the preferred means of shopping. That’s how some of us got fat in the first place, sure, but we also use it for buying weight loss programs.
  2. Apart from weight loss programs, the internet is a pretty efficient means for finding bargains on fitness equipment as well. You can find some great deals on (not very) used equipment, particularly early in the year, when New Year resolutions tend to go by the wayside and outdoor season arrives.
  3. You can join weight loss support groups online also. Some have their own websites, like, while others were formed on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  4. When you embark on a weight loss program, it’s a great idea to create a blog where you can document your progress and meet other dieters at the same time. Following one another’s blog is another excellent motivational tool.
  5. During a weight loss regimen, another very useful aid that the web can provide is by using it to post videos or photos of your progress. This will serve as a motivational tool for both yourself and others.
  6. In addition to posting our own videos and photos, we also make use of fitness videos that are available online. YouTube and many fitness and weight loss websites have all sorts of exercise videos we can use to shed those extra pounds.
  7. Dietary and nutritional advice are all over the internet. Follow along on such sites as WebMD or for professional advice on weight loss and healthy living. Recipes, exercises and equipment reviews are also available.
  8. Web apps like LoseIt! are terrific methods for losing weight. You can track your calories, calculate your nutritional requirements by height, weight and age; and you have a built-in reminder to carry along with you that takes the guesswork out of your lunchtime decisions.
  9. Let’s not forget those streaming movies and television programs that we watch on our mobile devices while we’re trudging along on our treadmills either. See? It’s not all idle amusement after all for us plus size surfers.
Taken From The Nondiet

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