Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The 7 Most Exclusive Zip Codes in America

The zip code is an often overlooked postal number that most Americans don’t think twice about. But if the everyday American knew the exclusivity and splendor that some zip codes are connected to, they may pay more attention to their mail. There are a few zip codes that are just a bit more fancy than your average zip code, and the reason is the amazing housing and exclusive neighborhoods where the mail gets delivered. Here are the seven most exclusive zip codes in America.

  1. 07620, Alpine, N.J.:

    Alpine is a New York City suburb that bears big homes and big name residents like Stevie Wonder, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Chris Rock, and Eddie Murphy, to name a few. This Bergen County borough has many upscale neighborhoods with a median home price of $4,295,000. With its expensive homes and celebrity residents, 07620 is definitely an exclusive zip code.

  2. 06831, Greenwich, Conn.:

    While gated and exclusive communities are not as common in the Northeast, 06831, or Greenwich, Conn., contains some super exclusive gated communities that celebrities like Paula Zahn and Ron Howard call home. In fact, the median home price in Greenwich is more than $2,500,000. That’s quite a price tag for this somewhat rural Connecticut getaway, but the incredibly scenic views, wide open spaces, and opulent mansion real estate make the 06831 one of the most exclusive zip codes in all the land.

  3. 94027, Atherton, Calif.:

    If you’re sporting the 94027 zip code, you’re probably hanging with the big dogs. This exclusive town is located in San Mateo County, within the San Francisco Bay area, and is home to many notable CEOs, actors, and athletes. Atherton has a median home price of a whopping $4,295,000. With a price tag like that, spotting a 94027 zip code on a post card is pretty close to a celebrity sighting.

  4. 11962, Long Island, N.Y.:

    Billionaires, millionaires, and those who come close call 11962 home. Real estate listings in 11962, also known as Sagaponack, N.Y., include rare listing details like “room for tennis and pool” and “helipad”. And don’t forget the equally rare price tag of $30,000,000 on the most expensive listing. Looking for real estate on a budget in Saganopack? You may want to look elsewhere, because the median home price in this zip code is $2,787,500.

  5. 90210, Beverly Hills, Calif.:

    It’s by far one of the most well-known zip codes in America and one of the most exclusive at that. Celebrities, CEOs, heirs and heiresses make up a good chunk of the Beverly Hills residents. If the popular TV show reference and celebrity residents aren’t enough to convince you that 90210 is an exclusive zip code, maybe the average house price will: all $3,740,000 worth, that is. It’s hard to deny that 90210 is as exclusive in real life as it was on the popular drama.

  6. 10014, New York, N.Y.:

    While the zip code may seem like an anonymous set of numbers, you may already be familiar with it. Ever heard of Manhattan? How about 5th Avenue? Yes, this is the zip code for the most exclusive area of the world famous New York, N.Y. Average home prices here? A cool $3,500,000. But one thing that makes this area extra exclusive is the fact that residents pay substantially more per square foot in this zip code than in many others. That means that less available space is available at higher costs. If that’s not exclusive, we don’t know what is.

  7. 90274, Rolling Hills, Calif.:

    This rural California gated community “maintains a ranch style/equestrian environment” for its residents. But the residents of Rolling Hills are more than just horse owners. They’re millionaires, CEOs, and heirs to large fortunes. With an average home price of a whopping $2 million residents can afford to maintain the equestrian environment that has made this zip code famous.

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