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48 iPad Apps That Teachers Love

Apple’s iPad and other tablet computers have certainly been garnering ardent support from the edtech community. Gadget geek teachers love the thousands of apps available to give their courses a multimedia edge, and students love how so many reach out to different learning styles. For the connected classroom, the following stand out as either great supplements to various lessons or essential, time-saving streamlining strategies.

Art and Music

  1. Wasabi Paint:

    Get those little Jackson Pollocks acquainted with the core tenets of abstract and abstract expressionist art with one of the most hyper-realistic painting applications available.

  2. Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD:

    Pianos aren’t the cheapest pieces of equipment out there, and schools and teachers with iPad access will love teaching kids the all fundamentals without spending thousands.

  3. Musee du Louvre:

    Since Paris is a bit too far away for most schools to schedule a field trip, the Louvre’s official app works almost as well, with virtual tours of its historical holdings.

  4. StudioTrack:

    Perfect for band, choir, and orchestra directors who want to record their students’ performances using a full studio setup.

  5. Sketchbook Pro for iPad:

    Often touted as one of the best art applications currently available, Sketchbook Pro’s extensive digital toolbox is an essential for art teachers and students looking to channel their creativity in virtual spaces.

  6. Tonara:

    Tonara listens to musicians and music students play sheet music directly from the device and turns the page as soon as they hit the end.

  7. iDraw:

    Introduce budding young design virtuosos to the glory and wonder that is vector drawing and encourage them to experiment.

  8. The History of Jazz – an interactive timeline:

    Through video, audio, and other multimedia presentations, the rich and troubled history of a musical — not to mention cultural! — phenomenon compellingly unfurls.

  9. MoMA:

    Another excellent iPad application bringing users to the hallways of the Museum of Modern Art for intensive creative inquiry.

  10. Music Theory and Practice by Musicopoulos:

    Exactly what it says on the tin — play around with Musicopoulos’ offering for lessons, exercises, and quizzes about all the intricacies of interpreting music.

  11. TypeDrawing for iPad V3.0:

    Typography and typographic design thrive in the digital arts community, and this critically acclaimed resource makes for a great way to get students thinking critically about the medium.

  12. Symphony Pro:

    Write and play back compositions using Symphony Pro’s myriad features, which make it easier than ever to whip up original works for students to practice and perform.

Language, Reading, and Writing

  1. iBooks:

    Apple’s official eBook reader requires a download since it doesn’t come with the iPad, but it’s well worth the few seconds to access free and cheap classics, bestsellers, and more obscure reads.

  2. – Dictionary & Thesaurus – Free:

    It’s a free digital dictionary and a thesaurus available through — explanations don’t get much more straightforward than that.

  3. Grammar Up:

    With more than 1,800 lessons and questions to choose from, Grammar Up works as an excellent refresher on punctuation and parts of speech for both students and their instructors.

  4. Totale Course HD:

    Subscribers to the Rosetta Stone Totale Course program enjoy access to this application, which features comprehensive multimedia lessons in the world’s most widely-spoken languages.

  5. Meegenius! Kids’ Books:

    Whenever children reading or listening to one of the featured books encounters an unfamiliar word, Meegenius! builds their vocabulary skills by hooking them up with the definition.

  6. Pages:

    Pages is often touted as the best word processing application available on the Apple line of products, and since it works with the iCloud, it’s possible to save chances across devices.

  7. Sounds: The Pronunciation App FREE:

    Both ESL and native speakers love flicking on Sounds and learning all the weird little quirks of English language pronunciation.

  8. Storyist:

    An excellent resource for both teachers who dig writing on the side and students hoping to hammer out their very first creative writing work for publication!

  9. Grammar Girl App:

    Mignon Fogarty — the Grammar Girl herself — brings her beloved Quick and Dirty Guide to all things wordy through this app, which includes direct access to her podcast, Twitter, book excerpts, and more.

  10. iTranslate ~ the free translator:

    With more than 50 languages to choose from, almost anyone needing to know the translation for a quick word or phrase before a test or out exploring the world will likely find out what they need to know.

  11. Goodreads:

    Crazy popular social networking site Goodreads allows bibliophiles to share reviews, rankings, and book collections; educators should definitely consider signing up and scoring some great recommendations about what to teach, what to learn from, and what to simply enjoy.

  12. Chapters – Notebooks for Writing:

    Chapters’ friendly interface allows users to juggle through different writing projects in different mediums, and search and edit them with extreme ease.

Math and Science

  1. The Elements: A Visual Exploration:

    Every element on the periodic table comes alive in sterling, gorgeous detail, with multimedia lessons on its basic characteristics, uses, and appearances.

  2. Wolfram Alpha:

    It’s a veritable Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in one single application, but mathematics buffs in particular will absolutely adore the fully functional scientific calculator and seemingly endless computational capabilities.

  3. Star Walk:

    Point the iPad at the sky and learn exactly what stars and constellations happen to appear that night through this heavily decorated astronomy application.

  4. Math Evolve:

    Ideal for ages 6 and up (though the developers threw in a few fun things for adults!), Math Evolve turns numerical basics into some super fun, super memorable games.

  5. Skeletal Anatomy 3D – Quiz and Reference:

    Three-dimensional models and charts detail all the bones in the human body as well as how they work together. And, of course, users can use the built-in exams for keeping the information fresh upstairs.

  6. Number Line:

    Teachers take advantage of the eponymous interface to provide quick and accessible lessons in fractions, decimals, and percentages.

  7. Popular Science +:

    Subscribers to Popular Science magazine also receive access to the iPad app, which offers up both a full version of each months’ issue as well as exclusive multimedia content.

  8. Motion Math Zoom:

    Play super duper fun math games suitable for kids — and maybe even adults who need a few refreshers — in glorious high-definition.

  9. GeoMaster Plus HD:

    Fourteen games and an atlas provide hours of edutainment to students needing some effective and fun supplements to their classroom geography lessons.

  10. MathRef Free:

    This math-related reference houses more than 1,400 formulas, facts, and almost everything else both teachers and students ought to know about number crunching.

  11. Vernier Video Physics:

    Teach students the real-life applications of physics principles with Vernier Video Physics, which uses the iPad’s built-in camera to record an object in motion and detail all the tasty science morsels behind it.

  12. Algebra Touch:

    Anything and everything learners and teachers have to know about simple and advanced algebra gets covered through this extremely popular, effective resource.

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