Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Nanny With Kids

While you may be thinking that there are many reasons you’d never even consider hiring a nanny with a child of her own, there may actually be some compelling reasons that you should. Yes, when a nanny brings her own child to work with her it can complicate an already complex working relationship, but careful planning and a solid work agreement that outlines everyone’s expectations can help keep any added craziness at bay. At the end of the day, only you can decide if hiring a nanny with a child of her own is right for your family, but there are five definite reasons for doing so that are worth your consideration.

1. Really good nannies become experienced moms.

Many nannies with years of experience and amazing references go on to get married and have families of their own. Having someone else care for their children so they can go care for an employer’s children hardly makes sense. Unlike many first-time mothers, those who have extensive nanny experience are a little more prepared for parenting and have a keen sense of what to expect. In essence, through motherhood she is expanding her skill set even more. Since many have cared for more than one child over the course of their careers, caring for two children at the same time is typically a nonissue.

2. You can get a qualified nanny at a lower rate.

If the cost of a nanny seems unreachable, consider hiring one with a child of her own. In many cases, you can snag an experienced nanny who has a young child that she wants to bring to work with her for significantly less money than her non- mothering counterpart. Consider a daycare situation, where the ratio of children to provider would still be much higher; hiring a nanny with a child of her own may be a viable care giving option if you’re looking for personalized, customized and convenient in-home child care at a doable price.

3. Your only child will have a built in playmate.

If you’re worried about raising an only child, don’t. Children who have nannies with a child get a built in playmate. Your child will learn how to share, how to be patient, how to respect others, how to show empathy and more with a daily peer companion. If you are thinking about expanding your own family someday, having a nanny with a child may be a good opportunity to test the waters. Your child will gain a pseudo sibling experience and you’ll gain insight into what life is like with two children.

4. Your nanny will be super loyal.

Nannies who find jobs where they can bring their child to work with them know how lucky they are. They get to do a job they love, earn an income, be with their child and avoid paying for their own childcare. These things breed an intense sense of loyalty and a desire to do the job well. Nannies who bring their child to work with them never want their child to be blamed for them not doing their job well, so they typically go above and beyond to be sure things are done right.

5. Your nanny will be able to relate to you on a different level.

Nannies who are moms are able to really relate to other moms. If you’re looking for a nanny who will truly understand your feelings when it comes to being a parent, a nanny who has children of her own will fulfill that need. Even a nanny who brings her child to work with her will experience working mother’s guilt because her work, like yours, is directly affecting the life of her child.

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