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25 of the Most Interesting Academics on Pinterest

Pinterest is such an exciting medium for collecting educational resources. It’s a great place for academics to share some of the best finds, resources, and learning opportunities in a visual format that’s appealing to students and researchers alike. We’ve found 25 academics that are doing just that, sharing their very own collections of educational and interesting pins. We encourage you to see how they’re using the site, plus check out the amazing finds they’ve collected.

  1. John Eickemeyer:

    As an associate professor of computer and information sciences at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, Calif., John Eickemeyer has some really interesting pins to share. Eickemeyer offers a wealth of pins on polyhedra and modular origami, plus several for Escher, Yosemite, and even humor.

  2. Brian Ganter:

    This professor of English and culture at Capilano University makes Pinterest a resource for his students, but you can enjoy his pins, too. Check out Brian Ganter’s Pinterest for resources in digital writing, romanticism, games, and more.

  3. Scott Talan:

    A professor in public communication, Scott Talan has worked in media, PR, and communications. On Pinterest, he shares fonts, designs, visual oddities, and really interesting spaces for students and visitors alike.

  4. Prof Jess:

    New Ph.D. and assistant professor Jess has a wealth of pins in sociology. Through her Pinterest boards, Jess explores sexuality, work, emotion, cultural diversity, race, sports, and more. You can also learn about research methods and innovative projects from her.

  5. Joan E. Beaudoin:

    Pinterest is a virtual playground for visual info tech goddess and chainsaw queen Joan E. Beaudoin. On Pinterest, Beaudoin shares interesting art, LIS, and even gardening pursuits.

  6. Bill Silcock:

    ASU Professor Bill Silcock specializes in global news, social media, and ethics. Check out his pins to learn about poets, vinyl, inspirational figures in media, and more.

  7. Steve VanderLeest:

    Steve VanderLeest is a professor of Engineering at Calvin College, sharing his love of technology, maps, and iPhone geography here on Pinterest. VanderLeest even shares interesting art and old family photos.

  8. Bonnie Lafazan:

    This academic librarian shares pins of the most beautiful libraries, cool tech stuff, and fun library musings.

  9. Dan Jackson:

    Historian Dan Jackson’s Pinerest boards are full of interesting historic relics, especially old photographs, uniforms, and Arcania.

  10. Christine Haberkorn, PhD:

    Christine Haberkorn studies social change and awareness building in communities. Check out her Pinterest boards to learn about how life experience can be a changemaker, plus find books that offer inspiration for changemakers.

  11. Charles K. Bunch PhD:

    Director of the Boise Bipolar Center and author of both Soft Bipolar Suffering and Blue Light for Bipolar, Charles K. Bunch shares his insights into bipolar disorder on Pinterest. In his boards, you’ll find inspiring images, zen life, and resources for a positive life.

  12. Wolfram Research:

    Wolfram Research offers an incredible resource on Pinterest, sharing visuals from more than 20 years of computational innovation. Check out Wolfram Research’s boards including Mathematica, Education, and A New Kind of Science.

  13. George Lekatis:

    A researcher in the disciplines of finance, math, law, IT, and wealth management, George Lekatis offers insight into a variety of professional interests. Visit his boards to find resources for Sarbanes Oxley, risk management, and solvency.

  14. The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research:

    If you’re interested in social research, this Pinterest account is one to check out. Learn about important texts projects, classes, and intellectual support for social research from The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research.

  15. Gino Van Ossel:

    A professor in retail and trade marketing, Gino Van Ossel offers insight into how people shop. His boards for cross channel retail and store design are interesting and revealing.

  16. Lisa Franzen-Castle:

    Dr. Franzen-Castle is an extension nutrition specialist at the UNL Panhandle Research and Extension Center. On her Pinterest account, you’ll find a great collection of resources for healthy eating, smart cooking, food safety, and getting active.

  17. John Hopkins:

    A researcher of American language and culture, especially immigrants, John Hopkins offers a Pinterest account full of interesting American history. Find historical posters, classic photos, and interesting images through John Hopkins’ lens.

  18. Jaideep Prabhu:

    A professor of Indian business at the University of Cambridge, Jaideep Prabhu is an expert in innovation, marketing, and strategy. Check out his Pinterest boards to learn about Jugaad innovation, important business leaders, and global business.

  19. Professor DeVore:

    Professor DeVore works on literature and communication at Nicolet College. On her Pinterest board, you can find interesting juxtapositions like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as well as Gothic inspiration.

  20. Professor Kee:

    Professor Kee’s Pinterest account offers an interesting resource for pharmacy students. She highlights great pharmacy books, vintage pharmacy ads, patient education, and even pharmacy student humor.

  21. Jeremy Lipschultz:

    Jeremy Lipschultz is a professor and director at the UNO School of Communication. On Pinterest, he’s got lots of great pins for journalism and news, plus interesting ideas for tech in journalism and photography.

  22. Professor Reineke:

    Professor Reineke teaches and researches religion at the University of Northern Iowa. Using Pinterest, she shares a visual presentation of ideas, learning, and resources in all major religions for her students and other interested parties.

  23. Ozzie Zehner:

    UC Berkeley visiting scholar and author of Greein Illusions Ozzie Zehner is a major explorer of the secrets behind clean energy and environmentalism. Check out his Pinterest board, Green Illusions, to find out about nuclear energy, road access in rainforests, tiny parks, and the dark side of solar energy.

  24. Jim Buhler:

    Jim Buhler is an associate professor of music theory at the University of Texas. On Pinterest, he offers interesting academic musings, great photos, and musical moments.

  25. Mary Trammell:

    A professor at the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, Mary Trammell shares the creative work being produced by graduates of the institute on Pinterest. Follow her pins to see creations in graphic design, multimedia, and photography.

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