Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Websites Featuring Tips for Small Business Owners

When you first start out in your own business, there are lots of things to learn. With the internet, access to the tips and advice of others, who have been in business much longer, is readily available. Here are ten websites that will give you the tips you’re looking for.

  1. BizSugar.comTo find the best articles, news and tips related to small business, this is the place to go. It is also the place to share your favorites with others. Sharing is what fills the site with content. You share your favorite online info, and others are sharing theirs. You can vote for your favorites and see what the top favorites are on the site.
  2. This site prides itself on always having fresh content that is pertinent to current news stories and trends. Their contributors are small business writers who provide sound business tips, based on real world experience. You can subscribe to their blog feed or search on your selected topic of interest.
  3. Another site where you’ll find experience behind the articles that are contributed. Salesmen writing about sales, HR specialists give tips on hiring, firing and other HR management issues, small business owners share their wealth of knowledge on startups and business strategies and technology pieces are provided from the IT experts.
  4. This business site was actually founded by and contributed to by a lawyer, Anita Campbell. So, if you’re looking for sound legal advice for small businesses, this is a great site to stop by. You’ll want to look for Anita’s articles for that. They’ll be listed among the many other contributors that focus on all the other small business topics you need to know about.
  5. Do you ever wish you could just talk to an experienced business owner who has already dealt with some of the things you are trying to figure out in your new business? That is exactly what you can get from SCORE. They have lots of great tips on their website, but their greatest resource is the thousands of business men and women who volunteer their time to serve as mentors to people like you. They are there to answer questions and give encouragement to new entrepreneurs.
  6. The creator of this website is an accountant with many years of experience. He has put together lots of information on the financial side of business. There is information on accounting, business plans, financing and building credit, cash flow and pricing.
  7. – This is probably one of the best known sites for small business advice. It is the online version of the Entrepreneur magazine. Top quality information and news, online and at your fingertips.
  8. The website for the Small Business Administration should not be overlooked when searching for tips and advice for your small business. It has lots of resources that any small business owner needs to be aware of.
  9. All the beginner tips you’ve been looking for are neatly listed on this website; just keep scrolling down. If you want them conveniently available for easy reference, you can download them free of charge as an e-book.
  10. This site was created by… a frugal entrepreneur, who decided to share, among other things, free business form templates he has created or found elsewhere. He also shares other money saving tips for small business owners.

Every one of these sites has something unique to offer. Great tips on a wide variety of topics.

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