Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 Nicknames for Baby Poo

Isn’t it interesting how we come up with our little slang terms to try and make disgusting things seem a little less, um, disgusting? Using technical terms just doesn’t seem quite right. Have you ever heard some say that their baby has a diaper full of feces? Nope. We have plenty of other names for it, but not that.

  1. Number Two – ‘Change his diaper? Which is it, number one or number two?’ No one is sure who came up with this anatomical numbering system, but it has become a pretty universal code for distinguishing the bodily waste source being referred to. If you are uncertain about this association, number one is in the front and number two is in the ‘rear’.
  2. Stinky – The unpleasant smell which accompanies “number two” is often the first indication that a baby’s diaper needs changing, therefore, the tag ‘stinky diaper’ is often used in reference. If it was just ‘stinky’, it wouldn’t be so bad, but there’s more to it than the smell.
  3. Messy – This is the part that the term ‘stinky diaper’ leaves out. A stinky diaper is generally, also, a ‘messy diaper’. It means that you also need to get out the package of diaper wipes to facilitate the cleanup before putting a fresh diaper on the baby.
  4. Doo-doo – I’m not sure where this duet originated from, but it is heard from time to time in nurseries and daycare centers.
  5. Package – A ‘package’ has been delivered and it’s neatly wrapped up inside the baby’s diaper. All it takes is a little sniff, and, yep, we have a package, alright.
  6. Poopie – ‘Did the baby go poopie?’ This one seems to be used more by children than by adults, but I’m sure that the children learned it from adults, so we’ll classify it as trans-generational.
  7. Yucky – This term throws the stinky and messy terms together and just calls it what it is, ‘yucky’. Every mom has changed her share of ‘yucky’ diapers.
  8. Fresh dollars – It is believed that this term dates back to when dollars were still minted coins rather than pieces of paper. Did coins come out of a ‘slot in the back’ of a machine back then?
  9. Toots – ‘Peeeyuuuu, smells like the baby has a diaper-load of toots.’ This nickname may actually be a shortened version of another one, ‘tootsie rolls’. Obviously, the name is coming from the visual similarity to those soft, brown chunks of chewy chocolate that we’ve all eaten as kids. (Just lost your appetite for those, didn’t you?)
  10. Ka-ka – Also spelled, caca, has a French origin, meaning excrement. The root actually goes further back into the latin term for defecate, caco. You will find similar sounding terms used in most languages with a latin base. If a Frenchman ever tells you that you’re ‘full of caca’, you’ll know exactly what he means, won’t you?

With this little vocabulary lesson, you will now be able to converse on the subject of ‘soiled diapers’ with a much greater pool of terms to choose from. Won’t the other nannies and moms be impressed?

Taken From Babysitters

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