Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Goofy Accessories for Cell Phones

With the surging popularity of mobile phones, it’s no surprise that inventors and manufacturers are scrambling to find new accessories to sell to the growing potential customer base. Here are 10 goofy accessories that you can now buy for your cell phone.

  1. Video Goggles. Do you ever get tired of trying to watch sporting events or your favorite movies and videos on a tiny little cell phone screen? These goggles plug in to your mobile phone, and have tiny screens that fit close to your eyes, simulating the look of a large screen television. Can be purchased with add-on headphones to complete your personal theater experience.
  2. Telescopic Lens. No kidding, it’s a zooming telescopic lens, just like the ones sold for cameras. It only can be adapted to a few phone models currently, but it snaps in place over the camera lens of your cell phone to let you take up close and personal pictures.
  3. Aura-Sensing Strap. Now your cell phone strap can also signal your mood and spiritual state of being. With a small sensory globe attached on one end, and your phone on the other, this accessory serves the dual purposes of helping you keep track of your phone and changing color to indicate the state of your aura.
  4. Banana Flip-Phone Holder. If you have a flip-phone and like to receive bemused and amused looks while in public places, this accessory may be for you. It is a plastic banana with a hinged cover and a belt clip. A flip-type cell phone can be attached to the body of the banana and inside of the hinged cover, so that you can walk around with a banana attached to your belt, or held to your ear while you are talking on the phone.
  5. Secret Agent Kit. This is a cell phone holster that straps over your shoulder and conceals itself beneath your jacket, just like a concealed shoulder holster that a detective or secret agent might wear for a gun. It even comes with a fake mustache and sideburns straight out of the 1970s, to complete your secret agent fantasy.
  6. Rubber Ducky. This plastic cell phone holder looks and floats like a rubber bathtub duck, and contains a transmitter to turn your cell phone into a floating radio, so that you can listen to the radio or take phone calls while lounging in the tub.
  7. Cigarette Pack Phone Holder. A cell phone holder that looks exactly like a pack of cigarettes, right down to the warning labels concerning smoking’s health effects, this accessory actually holds a half-pack of cigarettes. A must for those that reach for a smoke every time the phone rings.
  8. Cigarette Lighter Phone. Not an accessory, but an actual phone, this can be combined with the number 7 above, to create the ultimate smoker’s phone. Slide back the protective cover and click the lighter button, and soon the glow of a cigarette lighter appears to light your smoke for you.
  9. Seat Belt Phone Holster. Have you ever found yourself shuffling through your car console, trying to find your ringing cell phone while driving? Here’s your solution; a phone holder that mounts on the shoulder strap of your seatbelt, so you can grab it immediately when it rings, without taking your eyes from the road.
  10. Goofy Phone Cover. Yep, it’s Goofy. No, not goofy; Goofy! The Disney character. Now you can decorate the outside of your cell phone while at the same time showing the world that you love Goofy.

These are goofy, yes, but I truly expect that we will see more and goofier accessories come available over time. The cell phone is a very personal item, and as such, it just cries out for more and more goofiness to help people personalize it even more.

Taken From Home Phone Service

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