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Truth Commission in Guerrero Mexico

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Investigate the violation of human rights in Guerrero for two decades

Protest pay members of the Truth Commission

Chilpancingo, April 17. Four months after the initiative was proposed to create a Truth Commission to investigate human rights violations during the 60 and 70, deputies were sworn commissioners to integrate it. Pilar Noriega, representing the commissioners, said the commission is independent, not part of the state structure and its members "are non-partisan interests and orderly elections."
The Truth Commission is composed of Maria del Pilar Noriega García Fuentes Nicomedes, Archimedes Carranza Morales, Enrique Gonzalez Ruiz and Hilda Navarrete Gorjón as persons "honorable, for participating in the defense and promotion of human rights, as well not be leader of political party or organization, or public official, "argued the President of the Government Commission, Faustino Ramos Soto.
At the inauguration represented the governor Angel Aguirre Rivero, Secretary General of Government, Humberto Salgado.
Back to the act, the commissioners gave a press conference in which Pilar Noriega said the Truth Commission "is the product of the heroic struggle of the survivors to know the truth."
Criticized the State undertook combat against social "got the legal framework and committed crimes against humanity that resulted in massacres, forced disappearances, torture, war crimes and genocide."
Pilar Noriega said that the use of force to silence those who think differently "is nothing but cowardice and lack of intelligence."
Then, the Commissioner explained the principles on which to base the Truth Commission, including being autonomous bodies of power, so decisions are only of the commissioners and commissioners, not assumed to be a more of state power, is an organism, said, "good faith", so said, and government agencies should extend all necessary support.
He also mentioned that it has the public trust, and investigate the files, venues and facilities as necessary and in case of clogging collaboration with the Truth Commission, he warned, "could fincar official responsibilities."
Also listed the goals they have, including giving a report on the count of all the victims and their victimizers during the period from 1969 to 1979 and the path of repression of public officials who committed crimes.
They pledged to give a flavor of each of the missing political will to honor proposals each.
It also will give a status report during and after the events, will be delivered to society documentary collections, bibliographic files, video libraries and other material obtained in the investigation and the need to repair the damage.
Pilar Noriega said that what drives the commissioners to become part of the Truth Commission is to reveal what happened during a decade and support to those who demand justice and freedom for their missing.
Finally, the Commissioner recognized that there are other cases as outrageous massacre of Aguas Blancas and El Charco and the human rights violations today to call the drug war or the repression of students "who do not share the ideas of authorities in turn "and hoped that as the company achieved the formation of this Commission will do so for these other cases.
On the other hand, the Secretary General of Government, Humberto Salgado Gomez said in an interview that will be all the facilities for the Truth Commission to develop its task of investigating the crimes of the dirty war in Guerrero.
He felt that the commission is a legal and social will to thoroughly investigate channel everything that happened during that time to lead to social reconciliation.
He said that will be to investigate and has taken an important step and transcendent.
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