Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 Things That Really Could Stunt Your Child's Growth

insomnia 10 Things That Really Could Stunt Your Childs GrowthThe things some parents will tell their kids to keep them in line can be pretty outrageous. Sure we can play loosely with the truth sometimes, use fear tactics or invoke old wives’ tales, all in the name of getting them to do exactly what we’re saying. After all, it’s all in the name of our kids’ best interest, we tell ourselves. For instance, do we really know for sure what can stunt a child’s growth? Well, after reading this article, you’ll know ten things that actually do:

  1. Insufficient Sleep – lack of adequate sleep is detrimental to a child’s growth. HGH, or human growth hormone is manufactured during sleep. When a child doesn’t get enough sleep time, the production obviously is reduced, adversely affecting growth.
  2. Cigarette Smoking – This one you’ve heard before, and it’s true. The increase in carbon monoxide in the blood as a result of smoking will in turn reduce its oxygen content, which is necessary to provide the body’s development and growth.
  3. Excess Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates consumed in too high of a quantity will raise the insulin levels in the body. This in turn will limit production of HGH, and thus the body’s growth.
  4. Carbonated Drinks – Soft drinks and other carbonated beverages deplete the calcium levels in bones, which reduces bone density. Reduction in bone density will then reduce the body’s growth potential. Just one more reason you should have them skip that soda.
  5. Crohn’s Disease – This is an inflammatory bowel disease in which the intestines become inflamed, or ulcerated, and can result in stunted growth along with a number of other uncomfortable side effects and symptoms.
  6. Ritalin – The consumption of this ADHD drug has been linked to stunted growth in child patients. The stimulant effect of the drug resulted in inhibited growth of an average of 1 inch in height for children over a 3-year study conducted at the Child Development Center, University of California, Irvine.
  7. Lead Poisoning – Among the many other adverse effects associated with lead poisoning such as brain damage, kidney damage, hearing damage and nerve disorders, patients can suffer from stunted growth as well.
  8. Malnutrition – A diet that is deficient in the nutrients that a body needs for growth will, quite logically, result in that body experiencing a reduced capacity for growth. That’s why it’s important to teach your kids the importance of good nutrition early on and feed them a diet that is both diverse and nutrient dense.
  9. Genetics – A genetic disorder such as hypothyroidism would also predispose a person to stunted growth. The thyroid gland produces the thyroid hormone, which plays an important role in the body’s growth and development. Babies born with hypothyroidism cannot produce sufficient amounts of the hormone to support growth.
  10. Sports – According to several studies, certain sporting activities, such as gymnastics, wrestling and long distance running can stunt or delay growth in young competitors. Contributing factors that have been cited include restricted nutritional intake coupled with high-energy expenditure.
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