Monday, April 30, 2012

Cardenas to Direct PEMEX

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Apply AMLO Cardenas to lead Pemex

After meeting, presented a joint program for the energy sector "with a different approach" when faced by other candidates. I send that to the PRI to read the article 27, the nation's oil is said Tabasco.
Alma Muñoz and Claudia Herrera 
Posted: 04/30/2012 10:25
Mexico City. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presidential candidate of the Progressive Movement coalition, endorsed the proposal that oil policy presented in joint session Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, who set out to be the director of Petroleos Mexicanos in case of winning the presidency of the republic. Cardenas said he will think and denied that either input a rejection. He thanked the distinction of Lopez Obrador.
The bearer of the Left said that this meeting, held at the Hilton Alameda is historic because it "is getting together a policy for managing the energy sector as a whole including Pemex with a different approach" to the other presidential candidates raised and in particular one of them, referring to Peña Nieto, who said, all bets on privatization
Lopez Obrador insisted that what is behind the race is the interest of a small group of remaining oil.
"From here I send you that the PRI candidate to read the constitution, article 27.Oil is the nation of foreigners and remains to be seen what project is going to choose "in the elections on July 1."
About ten minutes after Lopez Obrador began his speech, as the second speaker in the meeting in the lounge Don Alberto, the hotel in the capital, Rodolfo Macias Cabrera stopped criticizing presidential candidate as supposed president of a provisional government in exile, which Cardenas had met with Carlos Salinas de Gortari in Washington in 1994 and Porfirio Munoz Ledo, sitting in the front row1-it had been confirmed. Cardenas in response to this interruption, he said later in an interview: "surely some of the candidates who do not compare our views, tried to blow up the meeting but nothing happened."
About his meeting with Salinas de Gortari, Cardenas said that everything is clear, "I think the meeting you nothing happens, or you for joining me. I do not think you change your principles to be hearing what I say or I have changed to meet with thousands and thousands of people, I say, for many years. "
Lopez Obrador in due course Cárdenas acknowledged the support of whom he defined as a person with principles and ideals, not seeking employment in the public sector, prompting laughter from the engineer. What we ask is to help us because that is what the country needs, not exaggerating, are defining times.
The proposal is endorsed by the group A built for Mexico, Cardenas headed, there is established the need to strengthen the country's energy security, to make energy one of the commanding heights of the new industrial policy responsibly manage hydrocarbon reserves, Pemex and CFE transform into autonomous public agencies, clean up financially Petroleos Mexicanos, cancel the so-called multiple service contracts and contracts encouraged to "recent investment."

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