Monday, April 30, 2012

10 Ways TV Shows Have Used Twitter

When something becomes as much a part of pop culture as the micro-blogging social networking site Twitter has, it’s only a matter of time before television executives try to harness its power to promote their shows. From character accounts to featured tweets, here are ten of the ways that television uses Twitter.

  1. Encouraging Users to Participate Via Tweet – Scrolling actual tweets from viewers or encouraging those watching to share their opinions via Twitter has become a huge part of the television experience, and some users even have accounts solely dedicated to live-tweeting their opinions on new episodes.
  2. Creating Accounts For Popular Characters – One of the most popular examples of a television star actively courting Twitter users was actor Peter Facinelli’s early-adopter attitude regarding his Nurse Jackie character, Dr. Coop. Creating an account specifically for the character and maintaining it as such, the account was one of the first in what would become an extremely popular move.
  3. Hashtag Watermarks – In the space at the bottom corner of the screen that was once reserved for the network logo, many shows are now displaying a watermark with a designated official hashtag. Viewers are encouraged to use this tag when discussing the show, thus helping users to connect.
  4. Live Tweeting From News Events – Live tweeting from the red carpet of awards shows or other big events is another commonly utilized way of integrating Twitter and the television experience into one seamless experience.
  5. Sponsoring Twitter Voting – Contest reality shows such as The Voice have instituted Twitter voting options that increase visibility, resulting in a popularity surge and an increased web presence as viewers commandeer the hashtag to share their opinions on each episode’s results throughout the week.
  6. Increasing Viewer Interaction – Allowing viewers to interact with the people responsible for the creation and production of their favorite shows rallies their enthusiasm and solidifies their dedication, helping each show to carve its niche into the television universe.
  7. Premiering Content – Television channels have jumped on the bandwagon of tweeting links to exclusive trailers and content related to their most popular shows, taking a cue from films to share content that will likely increase the viewer anticipation.
  8. Actively Communicating With Fans – Few mediums allow fans to interact directly with their favorite actors, and even receive the occasional response, like Twitter. The limited space forces brevity, which allows busy celebrities to throw out quick responses. These replies often make a fan’s day.
  9. As a Promotional Tool – It’s become exceedingly rare to find a promotional spot for either an upcoming or established show without hearing the phrase “follow us on Twitter!” at the end, followed by the official handle.
  10. Building a Buzz – Carefully crafted campaigns that spark intense debate and discussion among Twitter users have become a very popular way of building buzz for a brand new show. Spurring conversation and even causing a related phrase to trend is the goal set by television execs, with varying degrees of success.

Marketing teams for all types of businesses are making use of Twitter for promotional means, and the marketing teams of the television industry are certainly among the savviest at turning this tool to their advantage.

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