Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Early Warning Signs for ADHD for Children

I think everyone must go through a period when their kids are acting crazy and running around in a frenzy and in the back of your mind you are hoping they do not have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Rest assured that all kids go through this and it’s just kids being kids most of the time. There is a lot more to ADHD than being a little hyper from time to time. Teachers recognize the signs and will suggest that your child be tested in first or second grade if they think there is a chance that your child has ADHD. Prior to that time no one will really test for it, but check out these ten early warning signs for ADHD.

  1. Aggressive kicker in the womb: This may sound far-fetched, but many mothers of kids who later were diagnosed with ADHD have commented that their baby was always kicking them in the womb and it was severe enough to seem unusual to those around her.
  2. Colicky baby: Not all babies who have colic turn out to have ADHD, but it’s just another early warning sign. This one you will more likely have to think back on once you’ve noticed some of the other signs. Experts say that if a child has ADHD when they are 6-7 years old that they still had it when they were younger, but no one realized it.
  3. Slow to walk: Children learn to walk at different ages so don’t panic if your child is a late walker, but see your pediatrician regularly and keep him/her informed about your child’s development. Many times a child with ADHD will have balance problems because their eyes don’t work well together in the beginning.
  4. Unable to sit and follow simple directions: There are different kinds of ADHD. Some children won’t be able to sit still and will constantly interrupt people, but others will sit in their chair and space out in a daydream. They will have problems focusing on tasks that they don’t find interesting or exciting.
  5. Can’t control impulses: Impulse control is a big symptom with ADHD. Children will often say inappropriate things or ask personal questions and not realize that they shouldn’t do it. Sometimes they will throw things or get angry very quickly.
  6. Very impatient: Often children with ADHD want to go all the time. They have trouble waiting in line so they might cut in front of other kids for lunch or on the playground. They will interrupt the teacher or blurt out the answer before the teacher calls on him/her because they can’t wait quietly with their hand up.
  7. Refuses to sit in the cart: At a very young age your child may refuse to sit in the cart at the store. They may run around the aisles and grab items or open packages, not knowing that they shouldn’t do that. Behaviors like this should be brought up to the pediatrician during your child’s well visit.
  8. Very messy and disorganized: If your child tends to lose toys very easily or never knows where their shoes are this might be a sign of ADHD, but then again it might not. Kids get distracted and so being messy or disorganized doesn’t necessarily mean they have ADHD, but if you notice this along with several of the other things it might be worth making note of and discussing with the doctor.
  9. Gets up and moves around the classroom: Children with ADHD have trouble sitting still and concentrating on what is being said in the classroom. This is not to say that kids with ADHD can’t sit still because they can if they are doing something that really interests them. So don’t feel like you can rule out ADHD if your child can sit for hours and play with Legos or watch TV because they are probably interested in those things.
  10. Daydreamer: So the opposite of the hyper child that runs around the classroom being disruptive is the daydreamer that goes off into their own little world and doesn’t listen or pay attention in class. They may have trouble completing their school work in school and be constantly bringing things home to finish. Sometimes children who are bored in class turn out to be gifted and since they already know what is being said they kind of zone out. And many times a child may be both gifted and have ADHD.

Just keep in mind that doctors will look for multiple symptoms to occur in at least two different areas of their life before diagnosing your child. They also have to have been exhibiting these symptoms for more than six months.

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