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12 Most Envy Inducing Celebrity Closets

For the average person, a closet is simply a place to hang your clothes and store your shoes. To celebrities, it's a museum. A basic walk-in closet isn't enough for a star's extensive wardrobe and need for space. And when you have all the money in the world, a large, luxurious closet is simply a must. Check out these 12 envy-inducing celebrity closets we can only dream of having.

  1. Ralph Lauren

    Iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren brought the same sophistication and crispness of his luxury clothing to the look of his closet inside his Bedford, N.Y., manor. Lauren's all-American, rustic style shines through the rich mahogany and masculine details that make up his luxurious closet space. Here you'll find Ralph Lauren classics, such as riding boots, denim jackets, and polo shirts galore.

  2. Kim Kardashian

    Celebutante Kim Kardashian has a closet most girls can only dream of having. Wood grain shelves, frosted cabinets, and a center island allow for easy storage and give the room a sophisticated look. Organization and accessibility are key for this fashionista, who houses more than 100 pairs of Louboutins and a killer collection of designer clothing.

  3. Olivia Wilde

    Actress and fashion model Olivia Wilde knows that dressing for success begins with a fabulous closet. Wilde's huge walk-in closet is an oasis of cedar wood flooring, translucent window panels, and a feminine vanity. Wilde brings the room together with a black glass chandelier and a plush rug.

  4. Kimora Lee Simmons

    Former president and creative director of Baby Phat, Kimora Lee Simmons lives a life of luxury and her closet says it all. The fashion mogul created her huge walk-in closet by combining two bedrooms in her New Jersey mansion. The boutique-inspired dressing room contains more than 500 pairs of jeans, dozens of Hermes Birkin bags, and jewels aplenty. Simmons added a mini-bar and flat screen TVs to make this closet multifunctional.

  5. Nicky Hilton

    Nicky Hilton definitely knows a thing or two about fashion and it shows in her impressively stocked closet. The Hilton heiress has two large walk-in closets that house everything from couture, vintage dresses, sky-high heels, and some 200 handbags.

  6. Fergie

    Black Eyed Pea singer Fergie has a closet so big, her actor hubby, Josh Duhamel, even named it "Fergieland." The couple converted two guest bedrooms into a massive multi-room closet space, complete with chandeliers and zebra-print carpet. The glam queen's wardrobe collection consists of everything from 100-plus sneakers, red carpet gowns, vintage hand-me-down accessories, and jewelry from around the world.

  7. Oprah

    Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest women in the world, and her closet shows it. The billionaire media queen has many homes, but one of her featured closets is sure to make yours look like a pantry. Warm lighting and crisp, white cabinetry give the closet a cozy and feminine feel. Color coded shoes and clothing make the room look neat and tailored for a woman on the go.

  8. Mariah Carey

    For pop diva Mariah Carey, modesty has never been her thing. The Grammy award-winning singer is all about the glitz and glamour, which can be seen in her enormous Manhattan closet. Carey's closet comes with more bells and whistles than you could ever imagine. The climate-controlled dressing room has gold-leaf and bleached wood floors, glass chandeliers, plush seating, and ceiling-high shoe racks to fit her more than 1,000 pairs of shoes.

  9. Victoria Beckham

    We don't need a photo to know that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has an envy-inducing closet. The style icon has been setting trends for years, and has even garnered attention for her own fashion lines: dvb Style and Victoria by Victoria Beckham. This "It Girl" is dressed by the best names in fashion, and if her closet looks anything like her everyday wardrobe, then it's got to be fabulous.

  10. Ashley Tisdale

    Disney sweetheart Ashley Tisdale has a closet fit for a princess. The colossal closet takes up two of her four bedrooms and comes with marble flooring, a desk, tall shoe racks, luxurious ottomans, and tons of natural lighting.

  11. Nanette Lepore

    New York fashion designer Nanette Lepore's closet looks more like a boudoir-boutique than a place to hang clothes. The luxurious dressing room is big and bright with multiple walk-in closets, a vanity, plush seating, and a cascading chandelier. When Lepore is not browsing her massive wardrobe, she can relax at her café table or read on her velvet ottoman, which are conveniently located in the same room.

  12. Nate Berkus

    It's no surprise that interior designer Nate Berkus would have a killer closet in his Chicago digs. The sporty space is painted blue and comes with hardwood floors and vintage touches that really bring the room together. The ceiling-high shoe rack and armoire keep his wardrobe accessible and organized; perfect for a man on the go.

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