Monday, January 30, 2012

10 Eco-Friendly Tips We-Learned From Archie Bunker

Wisdom often comes from some of the oddest places. Remember the old sitcom, All in the Family? What you may not recall is some of the pearls of wisdom shared by our favorite comedic bigot, Archie Bunker. Let’s look at 10 eco-friendly tips we learned from Archie Bunker:

  1. He saved the forests, and kept that old recliner until the legs fall off.
  2. He encouraged vegetarianism by demonstrating a low tolerance for meat-heads.
  3. Archie protected an endangered species, and married a dingbat.
  4. Energy Conservation Tip #1: Let someone else bring you your beer and slippers.
  5. Energy Conservation Tip #2: Anytime a bulb lights up in your head, for crying out loud, put that thing out.
  6. Archie was very concerned about the population explosion among homeless pets: ”I was readin’ an article about the animal population. There’s millions of pets explodin’.”
  7. As a corrective measure to help with reducing the number of homeless pets, Archie was a strong proponent of International Spade The Cat Week.
  8. Not to mention his understanding of geography, geology and seismology:
    Archie: California is the home of where is gonna occur the world’s worst catas-trophy, sittin’ on a shelf out there. There’s three states on that shelf there: California, Oregon and Missouri. The day of the biggest earthquake, those three states are gonna be shoved right off o’ that shelf there. They call that the “Continental Divide.
    Mike: What?
    Archie: Yes, yes … the Pope knew about this years ago. He said it was Saint Andrew’s fault.
  9. Archie also recognized a previously unknown link between agriculture and volcanic activity: Volcanoes erupt hot guava.
  10. Marine Biology, Bunker-style:

ARCHIE: Hey, little girl, does your fish ever so often come out of water and lay on a rock?
ARCHIE: Then he’s dead.

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