Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The 10 Most Controversial Gossip Sites Of All Time

Gossip sites are intended to be mindless entertainment, but that doesn't mean they aren't controversial or offensive. Whether it's celebrity news or college chat, gossip sites take freedom of speech to a whole other level and aren't afraid to hurt people's feelings in the process. Check out the 10 most controversial gossip sites of all time:

  1. JuicyCampus

    JuicyCampus was a popular college gossip site where students could spread anonymous and hateful rumors about their fellow classmates and cut down just about any group. The controversial site started in 2007 and expanded to more than 500 campuses before it was closed in 2009 for lack of funding and ad revenue.
  2. Perez Hilton

    Perez Hilton's controversial blog of the same name has gained about as much popularity as criticism for its coverage of celebrity gossip. Hilton is known for adding captions and doodling inappropriate things on photos, as well as outing celebrities. In an effort to stop cyber bullying, Hilton has toned down his comments and criticism, but still remains a huge success.
  3. Gawker

    Gawker is a news magazine and gossip blog dedicated to reporting celebrity news and happenings in Manhattan, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley. Gawker has gotten a bad rap for its Gawker Stalker feature that is synched with Google Maps to pinpoint exactly where celebrities were spotted each week. Celebrities and their reps have criticized the feature for encouraging stalking and increasing danger to celebs.
  4. GossipCenter

    The GossipCenter has been at the center of entertainment news and celebrity gossip since its creation in 2003. GCN has gone a little far with its celebrity hotness rankings and overall celebrity obsessiveness.
  5. The Superficial

    The Superficial doesn't try to hide its outrageous-ness or offensive reports. The Superficial has a section dedicated to celebs in bikinis and any other dirt that they can dig up.

  1. TMZ

    Celebrity news site, TMZ, has been entertaining the masses for years and annoying celebrities in the process. TMZ prides itself on reporting researched and accurate celebrity news, but has also been criticized for harassing celebrities and following them on the streets to obtain such timely information.
  2. College Wall of Shame

    College Wall of Shame is every parents' worst nightmare. Students come to this gossip site to post or peruse pictures of fellow college kids having their most embarrassing moments. Whether it's half naked, but censored, girls or drunk frat boys passed out in the bathtub, College Wall of Shame has put many peoples' reputations to shame and college careers at risk.
  3. Bitten and Bound

    Bitten and Bound strives to report "the not so pretty side of Hollywood" and it shows. This celeb gossip blog reports published rumors, assumptions opinions, and sometimes factual information.

    The popular college gossip site, CollegeACB, has tried to distance itself from the failed JuicyCampus, but has drawn just as much criticism from colleges and students around the country. CollegeACB has one of the biggest anonymous confession boards, giving college kids free range to gossip about whomever they wish. The site has been scrutinized for its promotion of hateful and offensive discussions, such as naming the "fattest people on campus."
  5. Celeb Dirty Laundry

    Gossip blog, Celeb Dirty Laundry, strives to do exactly what its title says — air celeb dirt. This sexualized site features everything from leaked nude photos of celebs to "Hot Laundry" pics of stars.
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