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20 Blogs All About Doomsday

When faced with a conversation about Doomsday people are either really scared or really skeptical. I think I fall in the latter of the two choices. There are a lot of people out there talking about it though. There have been so many dates given that were supposed to be the “End of the World”. We’re still here. I don’t believe we will have advance notice if and when the end does come, but check out these 20 blogs all about “Doomsday”.

  1. : This blog talks about sunspots being the evidence pointing to Doomsday happening in 2012. Next year we could all be dead. That is definitely a very sad thought. This site is not kept up and I found the last post to be in Jan. so maybe the blogger already found his doomsday?
  2. Following a rant about a show on the History Channel regarding Doomsday 2012 she does get into some very interesting points about the end times. She points out a lot of misinformation that has come and gone about Doomsday predictions. Her dry sense of humor makes this blog a fun read if you are into that sort of thing. She has a lot of historical facts, which lend credibility to what she’s saying. She has been a blogger since 2005 so I think she is here for the long haul.
  3. In a funny and sarcastic way this blog lists 10 items you would need to survive should the worst happen. Many of the items say “nerd approved” so they seem to be poking fun at themselves. Yes, this survival stuff exists and I have to say that if the worse did happen it is probably going to be the people that are prepared that survive. It would be a shame if all that survived for the human race were weird, paranoid flakes.
  4. Containing an hour long video regarding proof that Islam is the “beast” referred to in the book of Revelation regarding the “end times’ this blog is an interesting one to check out. It also talks about RFID implantations and there’s a 10 min. video about how there will be no mandatory implantation of these devices. Some feel that these RFID devices will be the mark of the devil.
  5. How many times has a “Doomsday” been predicted? Many that I can remember and I haven’t been listening all these years. This blog touches on the many different Doomsday predictions, books and movies. This blogger tries to debunk some of the claims and makes fun of others, but this really is a great collection of the many different claims over the centuries.
  6. : The Doomsday Blog is the name of this blog. It’s filled with the back-story to why the world is going to end on Dec. 21, 2012. This date is the newest “Doomsday” date. This blog talks about how the date was determined. This guy is out there and discusses other interesting topics such as “Leathernecks” and “Grand theft auto in Greenwich”. An interesting read if nothing else.
  7. The Daily Grand and Sundry is the title of this very interesting blog. This blogger has done his homework, but seems a bit torn in his views. Perhaps, he is so knowledgeable that he just wants to do three different blogs about Doomsday. This blog is for futurists and concentrates on the belief that humans will be extinct in 100 years and it’s all because we are living very greedy lives and damaging the earth beyond the point that we can fix it.
  8. Living like a Christian is one of the categories on this blog, but discussion of Harold Camping’s prediction that the world would end on May 21st, 2010. Obviously the day came and went and Camping caught a lot of flack about being wrong. This blog is an interesting read.
  9. An in depth look at how the end times (doomsday) relates to the bible and Christian beliefs. An intriguing video laying out some proof to back up a theory about what the end times will be like. More articles detailing things that are happening in the news today that relate to doomsday and close we are getting to it.
  10. An interesting compilation of end times or Doomsday articles and stories. Stories about dreams and visions about the end times. Scripture verses pulled and researched as to how and when the end will come. Various testimonials regarding the end times are also available.
  11. As you can imagine by reading the title of this blog, it delves deeply in the Christian faith and how it relates to Doomsday. There are a ton of references to scripture verses and each one is analyzed as how it relates to the end times.
  12. With many videos regarding news events and other phenomena this blog does a good job of laying out a huge amount of information regarding the end times or Doomsday. The details of sinks holes, earth quakes, snow in the desert, eclipses and more are quite and interesting read.
  13. This website centers around the Jewish faith, but includes some Christianity as well. It points out how God has big plans for Israel during the end times because it is the “center of the world”. Many articles are included on this blog to help teach and enlighten people about Judaism.
  14. Judgment day, rapture, the second coming are all discussed on this blog. Will we know when the end is going to happen? This blogger feels that we will not know when the day is. Great articles about whether the “Rapture” and the “Second coming” will happen at the same time or not.
  15. Now this isn’t your typical Doomsday blog, but NOVA did a great job on describing the Doomsday asteroid that is to fall to the earth in 2012. Funny how that coincides with the other predictions about the end of the world.
  16. Or if you read this site the world could end due to an asteroid named Apophis on April 13, 2036. Currently the asteroid is not on a collision course with earth. However, on April 13, 2029 the trajectory of the asteroid could change. It could change enough to hit the earth 7 years later.
  17. An in depth look at the Mayan calendar. This is the very old calendar that is being used and has been used for centuries to predict “Doomsday”. This blogger is taking the description in bite-sized pieces to make it more palatable. The Mayan calendar is nothing if not complex.
  18. And if we hadn’t gotten bizarre enough on this set of blogs we have this blog who delves into Doomsday cults and what they are up to.
  19. Prompting discussion about the blogger that predicted Doomsday and the panic that ensued. Apparently cargo containers are what the survivors will live in during the end. They are being retrofitted with doors and air conditioning. The most recent natural disasters are also being drawn into the conspiracy.
  20. Another in depth look at the Mayan calendar. This blogger identifies why the world will not end in 2012. He details how the ancient Hopi Indians prophesies that the world will end during the fifth world. Every time earth has suffered a devastating blow they count that as a world. It’s all very interesting.

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