Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Common Complaints about Alarm System Sales Tactics

Salespeople in general have been criticized for their pushiness in closing the deal. However, salespeople selling alarm systems have been under much scrutiny lately. In fact, some of the ‘techniques’ are quite questionable. Listed below are ten common complaints that are received about alarm system sales tactics.

  1. Claiming to be working with the police or local government. Salespeople have claimed to be working hand in hand with the local police department to cover the installation fee. When the claim was checked it was discovered to be false. Don’t be afraid to check on their claims, after all if they are legitimate they won’t have a problem with you verifying the information.
  2. Claiming to be with your current company. One tactic that has been used is to make you believe that they are working for your current alarm company to get in the door and then once inside they will use aggressive tactics to get you to sign a long term contract with their company. Most legitimate alarm companies do not send someone over to your house without an appointment first.
  3. Following you into your home. Some salespeople have been known to follow you into your home without being invited in. Remember it is not impolite or rude to say that you are not interested and then close the door; it’s for your personal safety.
  4. Limited time offer. Many different salespeople use this tactic, but for alarm system salespeople it is very useful. Since security systems tend to be an expensive purchase the salespeople will hook you with a limited time offer such as this is for today only, or I’m leaving town tonight, and I am the only one authorized to make this deal.
  5. Scare tactics. It is unfortunate that this is a popular one, but many of the salespeople will lie about recent burglaries or break-ins in your neighborhood to try and scare you into purchasing an alarm system.
  6. It’s free. Have you ever heard the term “nothing is free”? Well it usually is true. Companies wouldn’t stay in business if they gave their products away. If a salesperson tries to tell you that you can get the alarm system for free there is usually going to be strings attached. They may give you the equipment for free, but then lock you into a long term expensive contract. Make sure you get all the information and read the fine print before signing up for anything.
  7. Went out of business. Some salespeople will go around to homes that currently have an alarm system sign on their property and tell them that their current company went out of business, or that they have merged with a new company, and then try to get them to sign new contracts by scaring them into believing that their current alarm no longer works. Some have gone as far as cutting the phone lines so when you try to set it off it won’t work, and then reconnect them when installing your new alarm.
  8. Insurance discounts. While it is true that most homeowners insurance providers will give you a discount if you have an alarm system, many sale people will use this to give you false hopes of how much you will save. Many will claim that you will save enough on your insurance to cover the cost of the system. When in actuality the savings generally runs from around 5-12% which in no way would cover the alarm system. If your policy has a $1,000.00 a year premium, your savings are only going to be $50.00- $ 120.00.
  9. Offering a better discount. Sometimes they will try anything to get you to sign their contract prior to reading it. They may tell you that they have another appointment to get to and that if you go ahead and make the deal right now they will give you a better deal. Watch out for this and again, do not sign anything without reading it first. Tell them that they can go to their other appointment and come back so that you have time to read the fine print. A legitimate salesperson will have no problem with that, after all they want to make a sale.
  10. Breaking into your home. There have been instances of alarm salespeople being arrested because they broke into someone’s home just to prove to them that it could be done, and that they needed an alarm to prevent a ‘real’ intruder from doing the same.

Some states now have laws to protect homeowners from door to door salespeople making cold calls, and they are required to properly identify themselves. The federal government has also enacted a law that allows you 3 days to change your mind and get out of a contract signed through door to door sales. If the company is reputable they will allow you the time to compare bids and review their material without trying to pressure you.

Taken From Home Alarm Monitoring

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