Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Reasons People Always Start their Diets Tomorrow

How many times have you heard someone tell you that they are starting a diet ‘tomorrow’? It’s never today, for some reason. It is always tomorrow. Sometimes they have valid reasons for the delay, other times, it is just that…a delay.

  1. Good Foods -When there’s something really tasty in your house, or you’re out, and see something you “need to have”, it’s easy to decide to delay your dieting until tomorrow. You’ll start ‘right after’ I eat ‘this’.
  2. Time – The day is almost over so they think “Why start today? It’s almost over anyways.” A fresh start in the morning will make a big difference? Maybe.
  3. Health - If they’re not feeling well or are too tired, it’s easy to just put it off until the next day and use that as an excuse.
  4. Dining Out- They’ve been invited out to dinner for the evening, and the people they’re with will not be dieting, so they don’t want to be the outcast and the only one limiting their selections from the menu, plus the restaurant serves some really good dishes.
  5. Appearance - When they look at themselves in the mirror that day, they decide they look thinner than they usually look. Sometimes, just feeling better about yourself can make you put off the diet for one more day.
  6. Diet food- They haven’t gone grocery shopping yet, and they don’t have the right food for their diet in the house yet. This is an easy excuse for postponing the change in eating habits.
  7. Visitors – You have visitors for dinner, and you don’t want to make them feel self-conscious by eating different foods than you serve them, but you don’t want to restrict them to your diet. Another good excuse to put off the start of the diet until tomorrow.
  8. Weekend - MANY people use this excuse. “It’s the weekend.” They think it will be too hard to start a new routine and stick to it when they don’t have the routine of the weekdays to help keep them on track. Unfortunately, this reasoning can keep the procrastinating going even longer.
  9. Planning - Some people want to wait until tomorrow, so they can have more time to plan their dieting and exercising habits. This can be a good reason to delay, as long as you follow through on it.
  10. Support- It is always easier to start a new routine with a friend, than by yourself. If your friend isn’t ready to start today, you’ll likely put it off until tomorrow so you’re at the same pace, and have each other for moral support.

Making a change in your eating habits can be a difficult thing to do. Saying you’re going to do it, and doing it, are two different things. As long as you keep the beginning of the diet in the future tense, tomorrow, you don’t feel obligated to make any adjustments today.

Taken From Vitamins and Minerals

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