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10 Most Popular Websites for Checking your Horoscope

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Many people used to check their daily horoscope in their daily newspaper. Now that less people are subscribing to newspapers, they are looking for their horoscope readings online. They are easy to find. Here are ten of the most popular websites for checking your horoscope.

  1. – This site gives you a quick click to your horoscope, but it also includes tabs for plenty of related means of viewing one’s destiny like tarot reading, numerology and physics.
  2. – In spite of the name, you can find more than your daily horoscope on the site. You can find the horoscope for your particular birthday and relationship orientated horoscopes as well.
  3. – For those who enjoy the MSNBC website, their horoscope page is as far as they need to travel to get their daily read on what to expect out of their day.
  4. – For the day, the week or the month, you can get the information on this site regarding what is written in the stars for you and those around you.
  5. – This astrology site is loaded with options, and romantic futures seem to be their specialty. You are encouraged to view your romantic future as predicted through your horoscope.
  6. – Another multi-faceted astrology site. You can check your current horoscope or your Chinese horoscope or the tarot cards. Get all the angles in one spot.
  7. – This is a simple straight-forward site that will provide you with your horoscope for the current month. Nothing too fancy, but a quick in and out without a lot of distractions.
  8. – You have some variations to choose from on this site. There is Chinese, Vedic and Mayan astrology readings in addition to your standard astrological readings.
  9. – If you’re looking for something more specific, you might want to try the website of astrologist Jonathan Cainer. He also provides personalized astrological services for those desiring something beyond the generic readings.
  10. – This site will provide you with your daily horoscope and has additional zodiac services available, such as customized birth charts.
These are just the top listings of websites available with horoscope readings. Most of the daily newspapers do still include daily horoscopes with their online versions. If you need your daily horoscope fix to start your day, pick a site and mark it as one of your homepages. That way it’ll popup the moment you logon in the morning.

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