Saturday, December 15, 2012

Six Days Away

OK here we are. 15+6=21, less than a week. Winter's Solstice. The End is Near!

My father was born in Quezaltenango Guatemala, Xelaju, on November 19, 1918, he was a free thinker, and great father. He loved the Maya, and for many years I thought I had Mayan DNA. Even though, I had not had my genome read, now I do not believe that. Even though my father was not racist, many of his ancestors probably were; you don't steal the land of a people, and then marry one of them. The racist divide in Guatemala is deep. The point of this note, though, is whether or not the World will end in less than a week's time.

I have another story, now from Huitzuco, Guerrero, where my maternal great grandfather Abraham, was born. Great-aunt Justina, told grandma Tayde: "The world is going to end, let's spend your money". Tayde believed her, and when she didn't have her money, and the World was still around, she went to her father Abraham. The wise man said: people die, but the world remains.

Since I saw a few years ago, in a bookstore here in Wheaton, a book about the Mayan prophecy, I took a look, then I believed I was part Mayan. Since then, I have been looking for signs of the end of the world, and in one blog I keep, Relevant Science, I have been writing some comments like this one. OK the time has come; what is my verdict?

No. The World is Not Going to End.

I side with great-grandfather Abraham. You can read today in the NYT:

""A lot of people are reading things, and getting scared, about the world ending. But that's not going to happen," said Mayan priest Ildefonso Cahuich May. "God is not going to turn around so fast and say, 'I'm going to kill all my children.'""

I am reading Sean Carroll's, "The Particle at the End if the Universe". Particle physics, my main field of interest, is getting harder and harder to do, nevertheless, this July 4th, they announced the observation of a Higgs like particle, aka The God Particle, at CERN. What I take away from that book, for this note, is that our civilization is getting more and more complex. Like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote many years ago, we are going towards the Omega Point

Recently I also read "The Stardust Revolution", by Jacob Berkowitz. I learned that contrary to The Second Law of Thermodynamics,  the Universe spontaneously is building complexity. Myriads of processes are separating different objects, to make them work like natural clocks. The Universe gets cooler, and wiser.

We are the last product of This Creator Universe.

As Ildefonso Cauich May says,  "God is not going to turn around so fast and say, 'I'm going to kill all my children.'".


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