Wednesday, December 19, 2012

10 iPhone Apps for Tracking Holiday Expenses | Aupair Jobs

10 iPhone Apps for Tracking Holiday Expenses | Aupair Jobs:

"It’s no secret that between gifts, decorations and food for lavish meals, holiday expenses can quickly begin to add up. Keeping up with exactly how much you’ve spent versus how much you have coming in is an integral part of managing your budget for the holiday season, and is a task that used to be completed with an ink pen and check register. These days, however, the technology brought to the very tips of your fingers by Apple’s iPhone mobile device allows you to track and manage your holiday spending easily, provided you have the right apps to do so. These 10 App Store offerings are among the most popular budgeting apps on the iPhone market, and can help you to keep up with all of that good-cheer spending before it gets out of control."

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