Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama Takes Pennsylvania!

Live Coverage and Results - Election 2012 - NYTimes.com:

 "President Obama has won Pennsylvania, according to three television networks, despite a strong, late push by Mitt Romney’s campaign to claim the state amid polls that showed the race tightening.

Fox News, CBS News and NBC News all said that Mr. Obama had won the state, a big prize that carries 20 electoral votes.
In the waning days of the campaign, Mr. Romney visited the Keystone State, and his campaign and its allies poured millions of dollars into television ads there.

The Obama campaign mocked the effort, saying that it was a fool’s errand and that Mr. Obama would win there. Even some Republicans worried that the party often tries to win Pennsylvania, without any luck.

The president’s victory in Pennsylvania puts added pressure on Mr. Romney to win in Ohio. Some Democrats said last week that Mr. Romney’s campaign was turning to Pennsylvania because it saw Ohio slipping away.

Without Pennsylvania’s electoral votes, Mr. Romney needs Ohio’s 18 electoral votes to get to 270, both sides say."

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