Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hispanics in America

Now that  Mexican president wants to change the name of the country, and that Puerto Ricans want to become Americans, maybe is time to revisit James K. Polk dream of a Hispanic America.

I am embellishing the truth here, though. Calderon still has to pass his name change, and he only has a few days to do so, Puerto Ricans still have to have a second vote to decide this matter, and Polk never said anything of the sort. Nevertheless I can write an interesting note, I believe.

 Last election demonstrated the importance of the Latino vote. President Obama really benefited from that political group. Nobody wanted to see their parents self deported. Now that the Castro brothers are fading fast from the scene in Cuba, I can't wait to have mojitos with new Cuban arrivals.

James K. Polk, following orders from Old Hickory, Andrew Jackson, went to war with Mexico to get, Texas, California, and the rest. What those two gentlemen did not foresee, is that Mexicans reproduce faster than Anglo-Saxons.

I can only see more and more paisanos  coming as years go by.  For the rest of you, do not worry, we can be as American as the next guy.

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