Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Enrique Peña Nieto Visits Obama


I do not like Mexico's President Elect, he won though. It was an in-job of sorts, the people in control of media were biased towards him, and they have a monopoly on the news. Oh well.

He will take over his responsibilities next Saturday.

There will be demonstrations against him, but then again, there is trouble all over the world.

The article linked above presents the case of Querétaro, my sister lives there, she escaped Mexico City, as many like her have done. They feel safer there, and now I know they are going to go into the airplane business. Mexico has been building cars, and trucks, so far. I guess that is some kind of improvement. Nevertheless being the kvetsh I am, I am not happy. When I went to college, we had an aeronautical school. It was terrible, those guys knew that in Mexico, they would never design an airplane from scratch. We are not there yet.

Of course we can work for Bombardier Inc., and the warlords that have been in charge of the country since Hernán Cortés set foot there, will collect their big fees.

What I should do is use my talents, wherever I am.

BTW: I am in the US.

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