Monday, November 19, 2012

Middle East

I believe Palestinians and Israelis are closer genetically, than I am to either group. I am married to a woman, and thus my children are, from the tribe of Israel. I myself may be from Sephardic or Arabic descent, judging by what I know in my genealogical tree. Today is my father's birthday, he would've been 94. My mother dated a prominent Lebanese in her hometown of Huitzuco, Guerrero. The children of this man, now run the town of Taxco, in the same Mexican state.

I cannot be detached from the humanitarian crisis going on in the Gaza-Israeli border. When I see the pictures of the wounded children, from both sides, my heart shrinks,  they look just like my kids.

I believe this is the Cain vs. Abel fight writ large!

Robert Fisk, for my taste, gives an objective view of the Middle East conundrum, very likely Israelis and Gazans do not like him, he is not only for the Israeli right to exist, nor for the right of return, to me he is the closest journalist to the only logical position in that part of the world. A state for all people, not just Jewish, nor just Arabs.

Both Robert Fisk and I, are wrong. The world is ready for a World War, Cain vs. Abel. We just choose to be counted among those who want a Brotherhood of Man.


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