Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Live Blog: The 2012 Presidential Election - NYTimes.com

Live Blog: The 2012 Presidential Election - NYTimes.com:

 "9:19 P.M. Growth in Non-Cuban Hispanics Helps Obama in Florida
Florida has a significant Cuban-American population, and those voters tend be more Republican-leaning than other Hispanics. In this year’s exit poll in Florida, 50 percent of Cuban-American voters said they voted for Mitt Romney, against 47 percent for Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama had a two-thirds advantage with non-Cuban Hispanics in the exit poll, however — and they made up 10 percent of the voting population, compared with 6 percent for Cuban-Americans.

Thus, early returns show Mr. Obama to win Hispanic-Americans over all by 20 percentage points in Florida, and if he wins that, it’d be larger than the 15-point margin he had in 2008. If Mr. Obama ekes out a win in Florida, this will have a lot to do with it.

— Nate Silver"

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