Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The London Whale and Bloomberg from NYC

Today we can read in the NYT the state of the financial catastrophe through the London Whale Tale. Bruno Iksil is the so-called whale. His boss, Javier Martin-Artajo is a Spaniard member of that country's 1 % elite. Spain has given us characters as Hernan Cortes, and Mr. Martin-Artajo; they established Exploitative systems, for their own self-interest.  In my eyes, they are criminals in need of punishment, I'm glad JPMorgan took the step of suing Mr. Martin-Artajo.

On the other hand, Mayor Bloomberg of New York, also a member of that class, has shown determination in dealing with the whale of a storm that hit the East coast of the United States.

Tomorrow is the Day of the Dead in Mexico, both my parents are now dead, and I feel a responsibility towards the younger generation to tell it how it is. When we die, we do not take any material possession with us, as Benoit Mandelbrot, reminds us in his autobiography, The Fractalist,  his friends who did not leave Europe when Adolf Hitler's followers were coming for them, because they wanted to keep some material possessions, ended up loosing their lives.

Michael Bloomberg is a great man who happens to be rich, Javier Martin-Artajo is a rich man who happens to be mean.

This is the Tale of the London Whale.

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