Monday, October 22, 2012

Information is Physical

Rolf Landauer working at IBM in the US, found the fact used in this post's title.

In Economics and Politics, sometimes information is willfully false. The three words in the title, mean that even in that case, there is an energy content to Information; it does not have to be truthful. Information here is understood as marks in spacetime, which make other marks, through Agents. We call some of these agents Intelligent, when they are above a threshold set by humans, but Information exists even without humans.

In Physics we distinguish between Matter-Energy, and Probability. Both in Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Theory, OUR Laws, express two different aspects of Information's physicality. In Thermodynamics we use probability as a measure of human ignorance, in Quantum Computation, we use probability as an objective property of a physical object: Quantum Information. The quantum wavefunction, as surmised by Louis de Broglie, and Albert Einstein, is a Physical Field, as Lucien Hardy has  recently advocated.

I am reading in Amazon, Vlatko Vedral's book: Decoding Reality.

I am also studying Artificial Intelligence at edX.

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