Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chile - Daughter of Allende's VP's Wins in Santiago -

Chile - Daughter of Allende's VP's Wins in Santiago -

 "SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — The ruling center-right alliance has held onto most major cities but lost some key races in the capital in municipal elections Sunday that saw millions of young Chileans vote for the first time.

The left's biggest victory was in central Santiago, where Carolina Toha defeated Pablo Zalaquett of the ultra-conservative Independent Democratic Union. Toha served as former President Michelle Bachelet's spokeswoman. Her father died of torture during the dictatorship after serving as socialist Salvador Allende's vice president.

Toha had sided with the students protesting for free, quality education in Chile, while Zalaquett ordered police to crack down on their demonstrations.

For many members of Chile's student protest movement, which burst onto the scene last year with a series of massive demonstrations, this was their first chance to vote."

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