Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 iPhone Apps That Can Keep the Kids Occupied While you're Stuck Standing in Line

When you’re stuck in a long line with kids in tow, the chances of a meltdown as a result of sheer boredom are high enough to cause even the most optimistic parent a moment of panic. Thanks to Apple and their almost ubiquitous iPhone, not to mention the staggering number of apps in their App Store aimed specifically at keeping kids entertained, the likelihood of those tantrums is significantly lowered. These 10 apps are all great weapons to have in your boredom-fighting arsenal, turning a potentially messy situation into one that’s easily handled.

  1. Fireworks Arcade – Your child can enjoy fireworks any time of the day or night no matter what time of year it is with this beautiful and engaging app. Older kids will be entertained by the competitive modes, while younger children are simply entranced by the displays of color, light and sound offered by non-competitive show mode play. As an added bonus, the laws of physics are applied to each particle for a realistic and educational experience.
  2. Bubble Mania – Defeating the Evil Bubble Wizard and rescuing baby animals makes this game both interactive and fun, and keeps kids actively engaged and entertained for the duration of your time spent waiting in line or sitting in a crowded waiting room. With more than 60 levels and a variety of options, don’t be surprised if you whip this app out yourself for a bit of diversion during downtime when your children aren’t with you.
  3. LEGO® FRIENDS Dress Up Game – Bringing the power that a game of dress up has over little girls to mobile game play is the objective of this app, brought to you by the venerable LEGO® toy company. Matching outfits, choosing from an extensive wardrobe, and creating beautiful mini-dolls will keep your little one enthralled indefinitely, freeing you from the prospect of having to wrestle with a howling child while waiting impatiently in a long line.
  4. Sky Burger – Stacking burgers to order as ingredients plummet from the sky is surprisingly entertaining, as proven by Sky Burger. Featuring more than 50 unique orders and earning promotions to climb the virtual corporate ladder, kids can apply the concepts of following directions and being rewarded for making the right choices during lulls of activity.
  5. Barbie® Fashionistas® – It’s no secret that Barbie® dolls hold the key to millions of little girls’ hearts. Now, your budding fashionista can bring everything she loves about dressing and styling her dolls with her on long trips and tedious errands through the power of your iPhone and this dedicated app.
  6. Spongebob Marbles & Slides Lite – The popularity of Spongebob Squarepants and the adoration he inspires in legions of children might baffle most adults, but it doesn’t lessen his power to entertain and engage little ones. The lite version of a paid app, Spongebob Marbles & Slides includes 10 free levels and the ability to accumulate achievements and unlockables as pint-sized players progress through the game.
  7. 3D Spinart Free – Put the power of a classic kids’ arts and crafts project in your pocket for mess-free, on-the-go fun with 3D Spinart Free. Kids can paint with three-dimensional cubes, customize their color scheme, and spin to their heart’s content, keeping them happily occupied when crowded conditions cause a delay in the completion of your daily errands.
  8. Crazy Basketball – Budding athletes are sure to be overjoyed with this sports themed app which, despite its misleading name, actually features a variety of different sports balls. Golf, football, bowling and tennis are all game play options offered here, with six different maps and several available levels.
  9. Aquarium Maker – Every time your child uses Aquarium Maker to design a virtual fish tank he’ll have a variety of available options that will allow him the opportunity to create a masterpiece that’s totally unique in comparison to all that came before. From backgrounds and gravel colors to accessories and a wide selection of animated fish, there’s plenty to keep your little one entertained while you’re standing in line.
  10. Butterfly Farm – Locating, collecting, raising and breeding butterflies with this virtual, handheld butterfly farm is sure to keep your child happily absorbed in the task at hand for the length of your wait in any line. The beautiful array of unique butterflies and engaging mini-games are enough to provide hours of fun, despite the relative dullness of your surroundings in crowded offices, stores and waiting rooms.

In addition to making easy work of waiting in line with kids, these 10 apps can all be found in the App Store free of charge. The true value of these applications becomes apparent when time spent in line passes smoothly and without incident, leaving you to manage your daily tasks without interruptions from temper tantrums, claims of boredom and misbehavior resulting from sheer restlessness.

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