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The 50 Essential Links for Brand New Moms

No matter how much you try, there’s just no preparation for the craziness that ensues after your baby is actually born, and it leaves many new moms feeling a little overwhelmed and uninformed. But fortunately, new moms today have a wealth of resources right at their fingertips, in the form of informative websites, communities, and even family sharing resources. Many of them can even be accessed by smartphone or tablet if you can’t tear yourself away long enough to sit down at the computer. New moms (and dads!), be sure to bookmark these super important links so they’ll be there for you when you need them!


These sites have it all, from baby tracking tools to advice, community, and even shopping.

  1. BabyCenter:

    BabyCenter is the go-to site for many new parents, offering everything from progress calendars to advice and communities.

  2. KellyMom:

    A hub of breastfeeding advice, KellyMom offers resources for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and parenting at every stage.

  3. TheBump:

    With information for pregnancy, parenting, and bringing up baby, you’ll find loads of great resources on TheBump.


    On, you can get access to parenting and pregnancy articles perfect for moms and dads.

  5. Babies Online:

    Find tools, information, and a community on this site for new and expectant parents.


    All the way from fertility to childhood, is a great resource for everything parents need. Find the coolest birthday cakes, best cities for families, free stuff, and more on the site.

  7. Babble:

    Babble caters to a “new generation of parents,” offering innovative ideas, solutions, and news for today’s parents.

Health & Wellness

New babies bring up lots of questions of what’s normal, what you should worry about, and totally weird baby body stuff. Get the lowdown on these helpful sites.

  1. American Academy of Pediatrics:

    As the authority on child health, the American Academy of Pediatrics offers a reality check for wild health claims.

  2. Family Doctor:

    Check out Family Doctor to find health information for the entire family, offering prevention and wellness, pregnancy and newborns, and even resources for diseases and conditions.

  3. Fit Pregnancy:

    Stay healthy and fit through your pregnancy and beyond with this site offering exercise, recipe, and even labor and delivery tips.

  4. Dr. Spock:

    An authority on parenting for years, Dr. Spock’s site offers advice for a healthy parenting lifestyle.

  5. WebMD:

    New parents often have lots of health worries and confusion about what’s normal or not. Before you make that late night phone call to the pediatrician’s office, check out what WebMD has to say.

  6. Wholesome Baby Food:

    Thinking about making your own baby food? Check out this site with plenty of advice, ideas, and recipes.

  7. La Leche League International:

    A worldwide support group for breastfeeding, La Leche League has excellent resources, forums, and even a shop for breastfeeding parents.

  8. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

    The CPSC is in charge of making sure your baby’s high chair, stroller, crib, and other accessories are safe for use. Check out this site to stay on top of the latest recalls, and report any problems you may have.

  9. Weelicious:

    Find healthy and delicious recipes to please your entire family, especially the little ones, on Weelicious.


    From the American Academy of Pediatrics, is a great place to read about healthy living for kids and parents.


    This site is all about breastfeeding for new moms, offering an answer center, community, and expert reviews.

Fun & Activities

Babies start learning on day one. Find great ideas for fostering a love of learning and staying active on these sites.

  1. TotSpot:

    Too private to share on Facebook? TotSpot allows for a way to set up a private website about your baby and share it with friends and family that you select.

  2. All for the Boys:

    Fun for boys and girls alike, All for the Boys is all about inspiration, crafts, and activities for kids.

  3. The Artful Parent:

    Raise a creative kid with the help of this blog, featuring arts and crafts activities and other artistic fun for kids.

  4. Kaboose:

    The Kaboose site is full of activities for children, with crafts, printables, and recipes to try out with little ones.

  5. FamilyEducation:

    Start learning early on the FamilyEducation site, featuring entertainment and activities designed to develop your young child’s skills.

  6. FamilyFun:

    This site from Disney features some of the best picks for recipes, crafts, and printables to try out with your kiddo.

  7. Pinterest:

    In this community, you’ll find great ideas for just about everything, from weekday dinners to activities and parenting advice.

  8. Sesame Street:

    The childhood classic Sesame Street’s website is full of games, videos, and interactive activities that kids of all ages can enjoy.


Find support, answers to your questions, and a place to discuss your baby’s latest developments in these great communities for moms.

  1. CafeMom:

    Join the conversation and connect with other parents on CafeMom.

  2. Work It, Mom!:

    On Work It, Mom!, you’ll find resources for working moms, including Q&A, blogs, and resources for saving time.

  3. 5 Minutes for Mom:

    In this community, you can read, relax and get inspired by other moms.

  4. Reddit Parenting:

    From sharing baby photos to recall news and advice, Reddit Parenting is a great place to find information and support that’s great for all stages of parenting.

  5. RaisingThem:

    Find support in your local community on RaisingThem, a site that features play groups, parent meetups, and fun kids activities.

  6. Motherhood Later:

    For moms 35 and over, this community offers support for motherhood later in life.


Having a baby brings along seemingly endless opportunities to buy things. Find the best picks, save money, and save time with the help of these sites.

  1. BabySteals:

    Pick up baby gear for a steal on this site, where you can get cloth diapers, blankets, shoes, and more for way less than retail.

  2. Baby Half Off:

    Find a new baby deal every day for half off or more from Baby Half Off.

  3. Cool Mom Picks:

    This blog digs through the mountain of cool baby stuff to bring you some of the best products available for babies and kids.

  4. Zulily:

    This wildly popular shopping site caters especially to moms, babies, and kids, offering savings on new products and brands.

  5. Dr. Toy:

    Narrow down your toy search to only the very best items with the help of this blog. Dr. Toy has been sharing toy advice online since 1995!

  6. Kids.Woot:

    Check out the kids division of Woot for dirt cheap deals on art supplies, toys, and other fun stuff for little ones.


There’s no denying it, motherhood can be totally hilarious. Find the humor in being a parent on these super funny sites.

  1. STFU, Parents:

    Get a reality check on bad parent behavior from the STFU, Parents blog, a site that’s chock full of hilarious status updates from clueless moms and dads.

  2. Scary Mommy:

    Scary Mommy offers “an honest look at motherhood,” sharing a place where moms can share their least-proud moments in parenting.

  3. Sh*t My Kids Ruined:

    Babies are pretty much the best thing ever, until they break your stuff. See what kind of ruin lies in your future on Sh*t My Kids Ruined.

  4. Rooke Moms:

    Follow these geeky moms as they navigate the early years of motherhood.

  5. Captain Dad:

    How do stay-at-home dads do it? Find out from Captain Dad as he shares his “manly blog of stay-at-home parenting.”

  6. Crappy Pictures:

    Part comic, part parenting commentary, Amber Dusick’s blog features “crappy pictures” depicting her hilarious and eventful life as a mom to two young children. She highlights moments that practically every parent can relate to.

  7. Message With a Bottle:

    This dad shares embarrassing milestones in his young son’s life for your enjoyment, from the exact date he dropped his first F-bomb to the time he drew on the wall with a toy tomato.

Decor & Lifestyle

Planning a nursery, keeping a journal, and passing your geekdom onto your kids are all made fun and easy on these websites.

  1. Apartment Therapy:

    Apartment Therapy isn’t just for spaces: it’s for families, too. Find party ideas, budget living tips, and yes, great ideas for decorating a nursery and more.

  2. Parent Hacks:

    On this blog, you’ll get access to incredibly smart tips for parenting, from quick meals to reusable items every family has.

  3. Kidmondo:

    With this online baby journal, you can record your baby’s milestones in an easy-to-update environment, and even privately share it with friends and family.

  4. Chic & Cheap Nursery:

    This blog is the ultimate resource for creating a gorgeous nursery on a budget. Find room inspiration, design ideas, even showers, birthdays, maternity, and photo ideas.

  5. GeekMom:

    This blog from Wired is written for moms who can’t wait to pass their geekiness onto the next generation.

  6. Trekaroo:

    For families on the go, there’s no better site than Trekaroo. This website is full of advice, links, tips, and talk for traveling with kids.

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