Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mexican Civil War

Like in Syria, Mexico has been recently  in the midst of an undeclared civil war.

My brother went to the hospital when he was 10, with my mother's and my little brother's clothes; alone. He walked a good 5 to 7 blocks. My kid brother had just been born, and my older brother took those clothes to them. We lived close to the American Embassy in Mexico City. He was the oldest, and my father had to go to work. He was a very smart and brave little boy, the chore was nothing to him. Three years later, he went, again alone, all the way to Huitzuco, to get my sister's birth certificate to register her in middle school. This town is a good four hundred miles away from our city. He was brave I said, and my parents thought he could do this. Now he is a pediatric surgeon, and has always been intelligent and responsible.

It breaks my heart to read in the note below, how parents are sending their little ones to cross the US American border illegally, and how very serious judges, are treating these children as if they were misbehaving.

This is all based on a lie. There is a war going on in Mexico right now.

Drug dealers steal this children, and forcibly recruit them in criminal armies. In their desperation parents run away from that hell, and risk their lives, and those of their children. This is not irresponsibility, this is war. These children, like my brother more than fifty years ago rise to the occasion, they do whatever has to be done to save their lives, and those of their loved ones.

The Obama administration does not want to recognize this "War on Drugs," because the US does not have the resources to face the financial consequences.

Millions are displaced in Syria, as you can read from Robert Fisk's reports in The Independent. Hundreds of thousands are displaced in Mexico as well. You will only find out through The New York Times, when it is impossible to deny.

Shame on the Mexican and US media. This is a crime against humanity. Here is the picture of one of those Mexican children, "legally" prosecuted from entering the US, without a visa.

"Speaking to reporters in Geneva, Melissa Fleming, the chief spokeswoman for the refugee agency, said that 10,200 Syrians had crossed into northern Jordan between Aug. 21 and Aug. 27, compared with 4,500 the week before. The refugees, she said, included an increasing number of unaccompanied children, among them orphans and children sent ahead by parents, sometimes without passports."


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