Thursday, December 1, 2011

10 Tricks to Get Laundry Done Faster

Household chores can seem daunting when you are short on time, and they either get neglected or done in a sloppy manner. We all want to save time, no matter what our schedule is, so listed below are ten tricks to get laundry done faster.

  1. Organize. Keep your laundry area cleaned and organized, so that you can find what you are looking for. Have dedicated shelves for your supplies, and keep the clutter to a minimum.
  2. Stock Up. Keep plenty of laundry detergent and fabric softener on hand, as well as stain removers, so you do not have to run out to the store during the middle of a laundry session.
  3. Sort. Sort all of your clothes in separate bins as you take them off. This will not only save you time when doing the laundry, but it will also help you to see which loads are ready.
  4. Get Help. Make laundry day a family event and get others involved in helping out. Younger children can help by matching up socks or folding small items like washcloths, while the older kids can move the laundry from one machine to the other, as well as fold and put away items.
  5. Treat For Stains. As soon as you notice a stained item, treat it immediately. Even if that means taking it off and changing clothes. It is much easier to get a stain out if you rinse it in cool water and treat it with a stain remover, before it gets a chance too set in.
  6. Clean Out Pockets. Try to get into the habit of cleaning out your pockets, prior to putting your clothes in the hamper, so you can save time on laundry day. Also, encourage others in your house to do the same. If you tell them that whatever you find you keep, that may get them into the habit faster.
  7. Clean Lint Trap. Clean out the lint trap on your dryer after every load, to reduce, not only drying time for the next load, but to also to extend the life of your machine by preventing it from overworking.
  8. Shake. By shaking out the clothing prior to putting it in the dryer, you are helping to remove some of the wrinkles created in the spin cycle. This can reduce or even eliminate the need to iron.
  9. Remove Heavy Items. Remove any bulkier items like sweatshirts, coats or jeans from a regular load to allow them to dry faster. You can add the heavy items to the next load once they have had a chance to air dry some.
  10. Hang. If the item you are washing is something you are going to hang up, then don’t bother folding it. You are just wasting time by folding something only to walk to your room and hang it up in your closet.

By implementing a few or all of the tricks above, you are sure to cut down on your laundry time. However, if you still seem to spend too much time doing laundry or if you have a large family, you may want to consider investing in another set of machines and create your own mini laundry mat at home.

Taken From Nanny Service

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