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10 Most Ridiculous Fad Dances of all Time

Dances, just like music and fashion, are fads that come and go. Every decade has its signature dance moves. Some are good, and some are downright embarrassing. Of all the bad dance fads in history, these are the most ridiculous ones of all:

  1. Macarena

    Few dances will ever be as popular as the Macarena was in the '90s. This addicting dance came from the Spanish song of the same name by Los del Rio. You couldn't go to a school dance, wedding, or party without doing the Macarena steps. The Macarena definitely goes down in history as one of the most popular group dances, but no one would get caught dead doing it today.

  2. The Train

    If your dancing skills were less than stellar, then the train was your go-to dance move in the '90s. The train was simply a conga line that moved around the room to Quad City DJ's 1996 song, "C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)." People loved this easy, mindless dance, but the train really lost popularity once the song stopped being played at every single function.

  3. The Chicken Dance

    Whoever thought that flapping your wings and shaking your tail feather would make a great dance was apparently a genius. The infamous chicken dance was a group favorite of the '80s and '90s. The cheesy dance steps and dosey doe were a folk disaster that happened at every dance, wedding, and function that involved dancing. Thankfully, the chicken dance died off and we got back to dancing like somewhat rhythmic humans.

  4. YMCA

    The YMCA was E-A-S-Y. If you could point on beat and spell, the YMCA was your kind of dance move. In the 1970s, The Village People brought us one of the most iconic dance songs of the century — "YMCA." The dance move of the same name came from this popular song and the rest is history, along with the dance.

  5. Hokey Pokey

    You put your right foot in; you put your right foot out; you put your right foot in…well, you know the rest. For many kids in the United States, the hokey pokey dance was probably one of the first dances they learned. That's because this easy, 'smeasy dance is practically a requirement for all kindergarten teachers to teach. The hokey pokey dance may never fully fade away, but don't expect to put your left hand in and your left hand out at your next function.

  6. Moonwalk

    In the '90s, nothing was cooler than Michael Jackson's moonwalk. Intermediate and expert dancers around the world made a point master the ever-so-challenging moonwalk. Although the moonwalk has an important place in history, it is no longer the best dance to master.

  7. Bunny Hop

    Not to be confused with the urban bunny hop, the novelty bunny hop dance of the '50s was one that required little technique and rhythm. The bunny hop dance is based on Ray Anthony's big band song, "The Bunny Hop." Participants do the dance by moving in a conga line, holding on to the hips of the person in front of them, tapping their feet and hopping like a bunny. Unsurprisingly, this corny dance didn't stick around for long.

  8. The Robot

    The robot is an electrifying dance move that has been entertaining crowds for decades. Avid dancers who like a challenge enjoy doing the robot for its rigid movements and optical illusions. Although the robot is enjoyed by many, the pop-and-lock dance has lost some luster and has been overshadowed by more contemporary hip-hop moves.

  9. The Twist

    Simple and oh-so-scandalous, the twist was a groundbreaking dance move that changed the face of choreography and inspired several other dances, including the jerk, the pony, the watusi, and the mashed potato. The twist dance craze of the early '60s eventually died down and cooler moves took its place.

  10. Hustle

    The hustle was a group of popular disco dances that featured everything from swing dance moves to discofox steps. It didn't take long for the hustle and its coinciding song to fade into oblivion, but now we're left with the annoying sound of "Do the hustle! (doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo)."

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