Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Top Questions a Nanny Needs to Ask About Her Living Quarters

Nannies are sometimes surprised at what their families provide as living quarters for them. Usually, it is a pleasant surprise. Families generally do their best to make their nannies as comfortable as possible. However, it is never wise to make assumptions about what the living quarters will be when considering a live-in nanny position. Be sure to ask these questions.

  1. Bathroom facilities – It is always ideal for a nanny to have her own private bath connected or included in her living quarters, but that is not always feasible in every household. A nanny should inquire where the bathroom is located, that she will be using, in relationship to her sleeping area.
  2. Furnishings – What furnishings are being included in the living quarters? What size is the bed? Is there a reading chair or room for one? Is there a desk and lamps? Can the nanny personalize the space with paint, d├ęcor items or furnishing items? Is a television provided?
  3. Location – Some nanny quarters are located in a separate guest house or an attached apartment, while others may be a bedroom located on a second floor or in a basement bedroom. It is quite appropriate to ask about the location and whether or not it has a private entrance.
  4. Temperature control – This is an item that seldom comes to mind until after you’ve moved in and you are either too cold or too warm. Having the ability to control the thermostat for your own living area is a great benefit that, unfortunately, is not often not available.
  5. Storage space – What kinds of storage space are available in the living quarters? Are there closets? How many and how big? Is their a dresser for clothes storage? How many drawers?
  6. Linens – What is being provided by the family as far linens and beddings, and what is the nanny expected to provide for herself?
  7. Laundry – Does the family have in-home laundry facilities and will the nanny be provided access and use of these facilities for her own personal laundry?
  8. Privacy – What security and privacy measures are in place for the nanny’s living quarters? Will she have a door with her own key to keep her personal items secure?
  9. Kitchen – Some nannies simply share the family kitchen facilities and others are provided some cooking and refrigeration options inside their own living quarters. It is always best to ask what to expect for each position a nanny applies for.
  10. Parking – If the nanny is planning to have her own personal vehicle available at her place of employment, she should ask about whether or not there is off-street parking available for her vehicle or whether she will need to park her vehicle on the street.

Some of these items may not seem that important during the interview process, but they can become big issues after a person moves into their new living quarters. Asking about house rules as they relate to her as a household employee will also help the nanny gain some insight into what to expect from her employers.

Taken From Full Time Nanny

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