Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pre-Reading Skills Nannies Can Work on With Kids | eNannySource

Pre-Reading Skills Nannies Can Work on With Kids | eNannySource:

 "Part of a nanny’s job description is helping their charges meet developmental milestones and learn about the world around them, which is why it’s important for those striving to make a career out of private, in-home childcare provision to learn the best methods of doing just that. When you’re working with toddlers, it’s necessary to understand how many skills must be mastered in order for them to be prepared for the hard work of learning to read and write when they enter preschool and kindergarten. While there are a variety of teaching styles and philosophies out there, some skills are almost universally accepted as those that are integral to the process. These skills are among those that nannies can work on with their charges, helping to set them up for future academic success."

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