Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Get Food Out of Your Child’s Hair

How to Get Food Out of Your Child’s Hair:

 "Kids seem to have an innate ability to get sticky foods lodged in their hair, making it difficult to remove the mess without sacrificing their locks. Fruit snacks, hard candy and chocolate can all present problems, but bubble gum seems to be the most difficult to remove. Most methods of extricating gum from a child’s hair will also work with other stubborn foods. Don’t immediately reach for the scissors in defeat; there are a number of ways to repair these sticky situations that don’t involve an embarrassing home trim or an expensive trip to the salon. You’re bound to have at least one of these remedies tucked in the back of your pantry, so before you rush out the door, head for the kitchen. If you’re dealing with any length of hair beyond a short boy cut, you will want to separate and secure any loose hair away from the gum or candy before beginning your removal efforts. The last thing you will want to do is make matters worse by getting more hair stuck in the wad of chewed gum."

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