Tuesday, January 22, 2013

35 Blogs for Low Carb Living | Blog | Kenney Myers

35 Blogs for Low Carb Living | Blog | Kenney Myers:

 "Those of you that know me and specifically have eaten out with me recently know that I am a low-to-no carb guy nowadays.  In fact for nearly a year I haven’t had any bread (outside of communion and when I had no choice).  I found the Ideal Protein diet to be one that really worked well for me and it provided me with a lot of guidance around how to avoid the carbs I have LOVED for years (pastas, breads, cereal, etc.). While I haven’t technically been on the diet for a few months, I still adhere to the low-to-no carb philosophy and put together this list of 35 articles/blogs that may help make the low carb lifestyle easier for my friends, family and readers to get behind."

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