Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to Help Kids Stop Stuttering | Babysitting

How to Help Kids Stop Stuttering | Babysitting:

"There are a variety of speech difficulties that are common in children, especially between the ages of two and five. A stutter is one of these more common conditions, and causes children to repeat fragments of words every few words, sometimes several times before they’re able to say the word fully. For young children, the frustration of having difficulty communicating with others can be the primary complaint, but older children often become quite self-conscious if the stuttering continues. Children who stutter may avoid speaking as much as possible in an attempt to mask the issue, rush sentences, blurt out statements, and even speak in a voice that’s abnormally loud. The potential damage to kids’ self-esteem and the frustration that can accompany difficulty in communication can be detrimental to their emotional health, which is why it’s important for a stuttering child to receive treatment and attention at a relatively early age."

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