Monday, January 14, 2013

20 Blogs to Read before Going on Vacation with Kids

20 Blogs to Read before Going on Vacation with Kids:

 "You’ve finally decided it’s time to take a vacation with the family, which brings you to the next big hurdle to cross: what are you going to do to keep the kids entertained? And more importantly, how can you plan this trip so that everyone enjoys themselves? While keeping the kids occupied is important, you also don’t want to spend your entire vacation running after the kids, only to return home more tired that when you left on vacation in the first place.  What are your options?  Can you find destinations that will please the kids while still giving mom and dad a break too?  Planning ahead can make traveling with kids less stressful, especially if you have other concerns to take into consideration, like a special needs child or a child with food allergies. These 20 blogs will offer advice on all of these and more."

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