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Should Nannies Send a Handwritten or E-mailed Thank You After an Interview?

Many times the need to make a hiring decision about a nanny candidate is one where time is of the essence. Parents need to find the right person for the very important task of taking care of their children, and oftentimes they need to make their hiring decision sooner rather than later so that they can return to work or secure a caregiver they know is in high demand. When there is pressure to make a quick hiring decision, sending an e-mailed thank you letter is appropriate, according to

According to interviewing etiquette, a thank you letter should be sent within 24 hours of the interview. In the digital age, having an email from a nanny candidate pop up in a parent’s inbox will keep the nanny’s name in the front of the parent’s mind and present the parent with an opportunity to quickly respond. In fact, in some cases, the thank you letter could make the difference between a nanny getting the job or not. A quickly sent thank you letter shows a family that a nanny is highly interested in the position and has a courteous, respectful nature.

When sending a thank you letter, nannies should be sure to thank the parents for the opportunity to interview for the position. Nannies should stress how interested they are in the position and include how their qualifications will complement the job’s requirements and the family’s expectations. If a nanny forgot to tell the family any of her qualifications, this is her last chance to do so before the parents make their decision. Nannies should recap any conversational highlights so that a positive impression stays fresh in the parent’s mind after reading the letter. Nannies may also wish to include something personal about the children in the letter to show their interest in them. The focus of the letter should be on the connection the nanny felt with the family.

If there’s time, nannies should follow up with a hand written letter. This is another opportunity to keep their name in front of the employer. A handwritten letter is better than a formal, typed letter because of the intimate nature of the position a nanny is applying for.

Lastly, nannies should read over the e-mail before it is sent off. They should make sure that there are no typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors. The tone should be friendly, but still businesslike. Nannies should not be presumptuous, but should make it known that they are interested in the job.

To make sure the e-mail is opened the subject line should be clear and read something like, “Thank you – Nanny Position”. The body of the e-mail will look much like a regular letter. Use Mr. or Mrs. and the last name in the salutation. Close the letter with a proper closing, using sincerely or kindest regards. The nanny should include her name, e-mail, and phone number on the bottom of the letter so that their contact information is readily available.

Remember that the thank you letter is not the place to ask questions about salary or benefits. Those details should be discussed during a second interview, once the nanny and parents have both expressed an interest in working together. Thank you letters should be brief and to the point.

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