Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Top Resource Books for Nannies

For nannies looking for books for nannies written by nannies and industry experts, look no further. From career guides to parenting books penned by real-life super nannies themselves, any of these 10 books would be a great addition to a nanny’s bookshelf.

  1. Beyond Parenting Basics: The International Nanny Association’s Official Guide to In-Home Child Care by Michelle LaRowe and Sara McCormack Hoffman. Designed to be a study guide for the International Nanny Association (INA) Nanny Credential Exam, this textbook helps prepare nannies for the responsibilities that come along with being a primary caregiver. The book covers health, safety, language, literacy, physical, social and emotional development, emergency preparedness, professionalism, nutrition and more. The Spanish translation can be ordered directly from INA online at www.nanny.org.
  1. The Professional Nanny by Monica Bassett. A solid career guide, The Professional Nanny offers guidance to child care specialists who opt to use their skills and talents working in a family’s private home. Covering employer responsibilities, taxes, and insurance, The Professional Nannies is a must read for those looking to learn more about the business and professional side of nannying.
  1. The Best Nanny Handbook: The Ultimate Guide for Nannies by Emma Kensington. Whether you’re already a nanny or thinking of becoming one, you’ll glean great tips and advice from The Best Nanny Handbook. Covering topics from communication with parents to live-in nanny positions, it’s an informational read for newer nannies.
  1. The Nanny Textbook: The Professional Guide to Child Care by Anne Merchant Geissler. A resource of the roles and responsibilities of a nanny, The Nanny Textbook outlines what quality in-home child care is and empowers nannies to be the best caregiver they can be. While the first edition had some major grammatical mistakes, the second edition is reported to have been updated and corrected. This book also sells under the title The Child Care Textbook.
  1. A Nanny’s Day – The Professional Way!: A Curriculum Book For The Professional Early Childhood Nanny by Kristin Laubenthal. A Nanny’s Day – The Professional Way! is a curriculum book designed for the professional nanny. The book covers curriculum for nine key areas: art, cooking, language, math, motor skills, music, science, social studies, health, safety, and nutrition and is a solid resource for nannies who are looking to add more planned learning experiences into their charges’ days.
  1. Nanny in a Book: The Common-Sense Guide to Childcare by Louise Heren and Susan McMillan, written in association with Norland College. For those nannies looking to learn a little more about how the famous Norland Nannies care for children, Nanny in a Book may prove to be a great read. Nanny in a Book shares insight, advice, and the tried and true childcare methods of the English Norland Nannies.
  1. Nanny 911: Expert Advice for All of Your Parenting Emergencies by Stella Reid and Deborah Carroll. Nanny 911 shares the simple, direct, and nanny-tested parenting advice of real-life nannies turned TV stars Nanny Stella and Nanny Deb from the popular Fox TV program Nanny 911.
  1. Nanny Wisdom: Our Secrets to Raising Happy, Healthy Children from Newborns to Preschoolers by Justine Walsh and Kim Nicholson. Two self-proclaimed hip, young nannies combine their classical English training with the day-to-day knowledge they’ve gained as child-care professionals to offer expert advice on raising healthy, happy, and well-behaved children from birth through the preschool years.
  1. SuperNanny: How to Get the Best from Your Children by Jo Frost. Offering up her practical, nanny-tested methods of childrearing based on her ABC-TV series SuperNanny, Nanny Jo empowers parents and caregivers to change their behavior to yield positive behavioral change in their children.
  1. Nanny to the Rescue! Straight Talk and Super Tips for Parenting the Early Years by Michelle LaRowe. America’s nanny offers a large dose of healthy parenting advice with secrets for raising happy, secure, and well-balanced babies and toddlers. Michelle LaRowe, 2004 International Nanny Association “Nanny of the Year,” gives her tried and true solutions to childcare. Her expertise with chapters titled “Who’s the boss?” and “Discipline is not a four letter word” gives confidence to parents and caregivers who need specific ideas for real day-to-day problems.
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