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Reasons for Your Nanny to Accompany You to the Pediatrician's Office

pediatrician Reasons for Your Nanny to Accompany You to the Pediatricians OfficeNavigating the complex and sometimes tense relationship between yourself and your nanny can be one of the most difficult aspects of opting for private in-home care. The conflicting emotions and “Mommy Guilt” that often accompanies returning to work after the birth of a child in conjunction with the niggling fear that your baby may grow to love the nanny more than he loves you can create a sense of competition or even jealousy. At the same time, your nanny struggles to establish boundaries, maintain a relationship with your child, and modify her methods in order to suit your chosen parenting style. This confluence of factors can often complicate even the most practical matters, such as whether or not your nanny should accompany you to appointments with your pediatrician; though you may feel the urge to keep every aspect of your baby’s medical care solely under your purview, there are several reasons why it’s wise to bring your nanny along.

  • Routine Visits – When checkups and routine visits to the pediatrician roll around, she will invariably ask you about the behavior of your child, inquire about milestones, and discuss other important but non-urgent aspects of his health. Because your nanny spends the bulk of her day giving your child her undivided attention, she’s a wealth of information on these very topics. Though it may tug at your heartstrings a bit to know that Junior rolled over for the first time while you were at work, your pediatrician simply needs to know if he’s reaching those milestones. Additionally, any information or advice that your doctor passes on regarding dietary concerns for older babies, potential allergies, or developing chronic conditions and other pertinent information will be learned firsthand, rather than relayed back to her. Should it become necessary for any changes or adjustments to be made, she’ll be abreast of those developments.
  • Emergency Visits – There are a few reasons why your nanny should accompany you to emergency appointments or visits to the pediatrician in reference to an illness, not least of which is her ability to properly describe any symptoms and changes in your child’s appetite, mood, or sleeping habits. Depending on the illness and the individual traits of your child, symptoms may be more severe during the day than they are at night, or vice versa. Because your nanny is typically with your child all day, while you’re with him all night, together you’ll be able to present a clear picture to his pediatrician. As the old adage goes, two heads are better than one!
  • For Instructions Regarding Properly Administered Medications – Safe Kids Worldwide estimates that roughly 165 children per day are seen in emergency rooms around the United States as a result of overdose or poisoning from prescription medication. While 95% of those children ingest prescription medication themselves while unsupervised, the remaining 5% are inadvertently poisoned by caregivers due to dosing errors. When your nanny is included at the pediatrician’s office during dosage and care instructions, she’s able to ask any questions she may have regarding the medicine and it’s safe, proper use.
  • Meeting Your Pediatrician and Becoming Acquainted – During the course of your nanny’s employment within your household, situations requiring that she take your child for a doctor’s appointment are very likely to arise. Scheduling conflicts with your job, last-minute meetings, and the occasional business trip can all interfere with your ability to make a scheduled appointment; rather than being forced to wait as a result of rescheduling and cancellations, you may find it more prudent for your nanny to simply accompany your child to the appointment. In order for this arrangement to be comfortable for everyone involved and as effective as possible, your nanny and pediatrician should have a prior relationship, even if it’s only one or two meetings. By bringing your nanny along for your baby’s appointments, you’re helping her to familiarize herself with the building, staff, and your pediatrician well enough to confidently approach any emergency situations.

As children get older and more boisterous, an experienced nanny can also help to keep a healthy child occupied during a routine checkup, provide moral support during vaccinations, or mind other siblings while you accompany a sick child into the examination room. These visits can also be powerful bonding experiences for the two of you, helping to pave the way for a long and productive relationship as your children grow. To prevent confusion, it’s wise to include pediatrician and dentist appointments among your nanny’s expected duties when you work together to draft a nanny agreement.

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