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5 Picture Frames Your Charges Can Create

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for a nanny employer can be a difficult task, however making homemade gifts is almost always appreciated. Making frames with the children to give as a gift is not only a fun craft that you can do together while parents are at work, but can be a heartfelt gift for those that are hard to shop for. Plus, children tend to enjoy making homemade gifts for their parents almost as much as parents enjoy receiving them. In combination with a nice photo, these frames are sure to be a treasured gift.

Craft sticks and glue can make an awesome frame. There are many ways to use craft sticks to make a picture frame. One way is to take some craft sticks and glue and start stacking. Lay out 2 craft sticks for the sides of the frame and then overlap the ends with two more sticks for the top and the bottom of the frame. Continue layering your sticks, alternating opposite sides, until you have three layers that give the picture frame a 3D effect. Then place your picture inside the 3D picture frame. If you’d like you can paint and decorate the frame before placing your picture inside, but it is entirely up to you. Another way to use craft sticks is by placing 2 sticks at the bottom and the top and then topping them with 2 sticks on each side, laying them on top of the sticks for the top and the bottom. Glue each stick where it overlaps another stick and let it dry completely. Now you can paint it and add different types of embellishments. Add some self-adhesive magnets to the back and you have a great frame for the fridge.

Fun foam is simple for a child to cut out a picture frame. Take a look at the picture for which you are making the frame. Plan to make your foam frame about 1 ½ inches larger than your picture. Take a ruler and a pen and mark a rectangle on the fun foam. Next, mark a smaller rectangle on the inside that is slightly smaller than your picture. Using safety scissors, cut out the frame. To cut the inside rectangle out just pick a spot in the center and poke your scissors through to make a hole. Go from that hole out to the line that you drew for the inside rectangle and cut it out. Using transparent tape attach your photo to the back of the frame. You can then use masking tape and some string to attach a loop that allows you to hang the frame on the wall. Now your foam frame is ready to be decorated. You can use gems, sequins, fun foam shapes, or markers for your design. Have fun and be creative.

Search through the yard for some twigs to create a woodsy frame. To make this frame you will need to help your charge with the hot glue gun. Take an inexpensive wood or plastic frame that you’ve found at the dollar store and take the backing off and remove the glass, if it has some. Have the kids help break up some twigs and dry fit them on the frame to decide where they want them to be. Next, use the hot glue gun to glue them into place. That’s all that’s needed to turn an otherwise unexciting frame into a work of art fit for giving as a gift.

Making this frame will be like a day at the beach. You can either cut out a frame from cardboard or buy a premade mat board in the size you would like to work with. Place the frame on a newspaper covered surface. Cover the mat board or cardboard frame with tacky glue and spread it to a thin layer using your fingers or a craft stick. Sprinkle the frame with fine sand until it’s all covered. Allow to dry completely. Once the glue has dried you will need to tap off any excess sand and discard. Using tacky glue or hot glue place a few shells where you want them on the frame. Allow them to dry completely before moving it around because the shells are very heavy and will fall off if not completely secured.

Even a jar lid can make a fun photo frame. This craft uses a recycled jar lid. Run the lid through the dishwasher to remove any grease, excess food, or lingering smell from it. Let it dry completely. Cover your work surface with newspaper and paint the lid with acrylic paint in whatever color goes with your photo. Allow the paint to dry completely. Next, trace the shape of the lid on the back of your photo and cut it out. Glue the photo to the inside of the lid. Continue to embellish the frame with gems or beads. Next, cut out a triangle that’s a little taller than half the height of the lid. This is going to be the easel that helps hold up your lid frame. Paint or color the cardboard triangle. When dry, fold over the top ½ inch of the triangle and glue it to the back of the lid. Make sure the flat part of the triangle is even with the bottom of the photo. Allow the glue to dry completely. Bend the bottom of the triangle away from the lid and prop up your photo frame.

Parents love receiving homemade gifts from their children. With your help, they’ll be able to create a sentimental gift that their parents appreciate and enjoy.

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