Monday, April 1, 2013

The Evolution of this Site

It seems to me that I have come full circle here. A few years back I started a blog to keep the interest of my high school physics class in the Relevance of Science. The name was Relevant Science, I still keep this blog here. It became somehow popular, and I received uninvited posts. I dutifully posted them, unfortunately they were veering off quite a bit from the intended purpose of the page, which was to keep high school students interested in science. Just as an experiment, I decided to start, News on Relevant Science, this site.

First the posts that were more adequate, stopped coming, the people involved in creating them, even contacted me saying that they wanted me to erase some of the prior submissions, because the company that bought the site, was not interested in having them here. Again, I dutifully complied. The last company which kept sending me unsolicited contributions, was a Baby Sitters One! Since before Spring break, I haven't received any more of these notes, and the break is over.

I'll keep you posted about uninvited posts, but before those news, i.e. no more babysitting, you can expect to find here News on Science. Whatever is more Astronomy related, I post in Relevant Science.

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